Workout Routine To Get Ripped

how to build muscleIf your goal is to have a world-class fitness body it’s best to build muscle and have a well-defined six-pack.

Most guys want to learn how to get ripped and been able to achieve those washboard abs is a priority. The good news is I can help you achieve that goal by giving you a workout routine to get ripped within a couple of months, the bad news is that you’re going to have to get off your ass.

In order to achieve that you are going to have to pay close attention to how you diet, a specific exercise program. If you do not already have a ripped body, then you fall into one of the two categories.

1. The typical big bulky guy who has zero muscle definition when the shirt comes off and train’s like a body builder, eats a high calorie surplus diet and does little to no cardiovascular training.

2. Then there’s the skinny guy who thinks he is ripped cause his veins are popping out of his arms and neck but has zero muscle mass to support his small frame.

If you either of these guys and you want to get ripped, you must be patient because it isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes a considerable amount of hard work and determination to get that beach worthy body you’ve always wanted.

There are only three main categories to get ripped and that is to have a proper weight lifting program, proper nutrition along with short cardiovascular workouts. But if you’re not 100% determined to put in the work it’ll take far less time to get ripped than if you don’t.

Don’t be one of those guys that spend endless hours at the gym. All you need to do is follow those three categories and you’ll be on your way.


I have heard over and over again the single most important factor to get ripped is how you diet. If you want to drop the waste line you are going to have to consume fewer calories than you need to maintain your weight.

Thin Guy

A thin guy then you should be consuming 1- 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean muscle mass and getting high quality fats with each meal. At breakfast they should eat large meals, pre-workout and post-workout. There is no exception that they should consume a minimum of two grams per pound of protein that will help support muscle mass, which will prevent muscle loss

Big Bulky Guy

Bulky guys should be eating about 10 x their current body weight, in calories, for fat loss and at least 1 – 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean muscle mass. They should also eat healthy fats like flax oil, olive oil, nuts and avocado’s.

Weight Training

In your quest to get ripped you should be aiming to do fewer reps and sets since you wont have the energy to recover from strenuous workouts. At the same time you should try to maintain your intensity despite that fact you won’t have as much strength to lift as heavy weight.

If you were use to doing four sets of 5-8 reps at 100kgs, drop it down to 2-3 sets consisting of 6 reps at that same weight.

If I had to tell you which two weight lifting exercises you should incorporate into your program I would say squats and dead lifts. These two exercises create a good amount of pressure and tension on the body resulting in large hormone level spikes.

These spikes are great for building muscle. Furthermore they concentrate and work a large proportion of the body including the shoulders, chest, back and core muscles.

They help burn a lot of calories and can increase flexibility in the lower body. Incorporate these exercises in your workout routine and you will see great results quickly.


When it comes to cardio you should not do so much of it. Too much cardio will only decrease muscle mass One major cardio exercise for maintaining muscle mass and strength is to do one to two sprint sessions per week as these are better suited for fat burning.

Take a look at sprinters, they have very little body fat and yet their muscles are clearly defined. Two sprints should be your max per week and after a few weeks you will likely want to reduce it down to one day. Only do this on non-weight training days. Much the same as squats and dead lifts, sprinting is an amazing total body workout.

Running only speeds up your metabolism for a short while afterwards while Sprinting burns huge amounts of calories and speeds up your metabolism for days later. This is a great cardio exercise that will save you a lot of fat burning time and will only take you 10-15 minutes once or twice per week.

Best of luck!



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