Why Music Motivates Us To Workout

why music motivates us to workout

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get through your workout, blasting your favorite tunes on your iPod or smartphone can put you right in the zone.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to cover “why music motivates us to workout”and how it distracts the mind during exercise and makes us less aware of exertion – the ‘pain’ involved when you’re lifting a heavy weight or performing aerobic exercises.

There’s science behind it too: Music can make your body work harder and faster and have an enormous effect on your workouts.

Still not convinced?

The next time you’re in the gym, pop on your favorite tracks – preferably ones with plenty of beats-per-minute (BPM)  – and see how it can boost your physical performance.

Here are just some of the reasons why what you listen to can have a significant influence on your body.

Music makes you Train at Higher Intensity

During workouts, music makes me want to push my body beyond it’s normal limit and train at a higher intensity when I’m at the gym.

It helps me bang out more reps and push heavy weight which is exactly what I want! Music keeps me 100% focused on each exercise, without letting myself get distracted. When I’m in that zone, I feel invincible!

music workout motivation

It has been proven by studies time and time again that music can benefit athletic performance by as much as 15 percent.

Pretty impressive, right? That’s not all. Studies have shown that music can help to focus your mind and make you concentrate on the task at hand.

In a gym context, this means lifting weights with more energy, more vigour, and more force. The result? You’re more likely to stick with your workout goals and get your body in tip-top condition.

Fast music helps you get better gains

Not all music is the same. At least not according to the experts. Research in 2010 found that cyclists were able to exert more force when they listened to upbeat music with fast beats.

The ‘sweet spot’ was between 120 and 140 beats per minute when performing moderate exercises.

What you listen to is up to you but playing relatively fast music might just help you break that plateau you’ve hit and get you to lift heavy and push your body to complete failure.

Try it the next time you’re in the gym and see how you feel.

Make your own playlist

So, now you’ve read the science behind it, why does music have such a profound effect on our body and mood in the gym? Well, some people think it’s because we associate certain sounds and rhythms with particular actions.

For example, pulsating beats might remind us of getting up and moving faster, while we associate slower songs with sitting down and relaxing.

If you want to get more out of your deadlifts, squats and bench press, create a killer gym playlist that will get you in the zone the next time you go training.

the rock headphones

It’s a lot easier than it sounds. Search for fast tracks that get you moving and help provide a diversion when you’re flagging in the gym.

To recap:

+ Music helps to focus your mind and concentrate on your training. Studies show that the right songs can distract your mind when lifting heavy weight in the gym.

+ Rap and Dance are a lot better than pop ballads. The average dance track has 128 BPM and the average rap song has 80 bpm.

The ultimate workout tracklist

Here are a few of my ultimate workout tracks. I like these for different reasons but incorporating a couple into your workout might give you the inspiration you need.

1. Jorge Quintero: “Violin Orchestra”

A rousing classical instrumental that will make you want to lift heavier and work harder in the gym.



2. Androis: “The Fall of Humanity”

Dark, mysterious dubstep that sounds great on your earphones. Perfect for squats.



3. Calvin Harris: “Let’s Go”

Featuring Ne-Yo, this dance smash has plenty of beats per minute and a frantic bassline.



4. Eminem: “Lose Yourself”

Eminem’s classic from 8 Mile. A song about going out and getting what you want – the same principles you can apply in your quest to get big and ripped.



5. Eminem: “Till I Collapse”

The perfect motivational mantra for anyone who wants to get big. Includes the lyrics “get that motivation to not give up and not be a quitter”.



6. Survivor: “Eye of the Tiger”

I associate this with Rocky’s long descent up the steps. Fast, infectious and guaranteed to get you putting, at least, another couple of kilograms on the bench press.



7. Kraddy: “Android Porn”

Loud, brash and furious, this track has plenty of BPM and will give you the motivation you need.



8. Two Steps From Hell: “Protectors of the Earth”

A perfect example of why music motivates us to work out. Quick and unrelenting, this track is great for the gym.



Music is definitely a powerful tool to keep us in the zone and workout at a high intensity, for longer periods.

What music motivates you during a workout? Leave your answers in the comments section below:

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