What Exercises Burn the Most Fat In Less Time?

Exercises that burn the most fat

There are a lot great fat burning exercises that you can do. If you have a gym membership you can do your cardio workouts there.

If you don’t you can always go outside for a couple of sprints if the weather is good.

Sprints are great for burning an enormous amount of body fat compared to regular steady state cardio such as walking or jogging.

Not saying there is anything wrong with regular cardio but it’s a much longer process to burning off calories.

But if your already fit enough and want to shed off a couple of pounds then your better off high intensity strength training workouts.

So how do you know your workouts are intense?

If your not sweating by the time you finish your workout then your workout is not intense enough and you won’t burn enough calories.

That’s the problem here. To get the best results at the gym you must push your body to it’s limit and train at an intense level.

Lets say you want to reduce your body fat by 20% it’s definitely gonna take a lot of cardio activity to burn fat.

So you want to incorporte weight lifting into your workout regimen.

What Exercises Burn the Most Fat?

The answer is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is choose a series of full body exercises and after you do a few reps of each of these exercises:

  • Deadlift to overhead press
  • Regular Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Burpees

The whole point is to make sure that your rest periods are cut short between each exercise, typically between 10-15 seconds.

I do a lot of weight lifting exercises (all free weight, avoid machines) and take short rest time so that my heart rate is high and I feel out of breath.

These exercises are a great way to build muscle fast, so try to add them to your weight lifting program for best results.

Also I always try to lift heavier weight even it it means to do 4-5 reps.

My suggestion would be, if your going to be spending time doing cardio you will want to spend more of your time doing high intensity interval training on a bike or treadmill.

If your on a Treadmill…

All you have to do is sprint for 30 seconds, rest for 20 seconds and repeat back and forth for 8-10 repetitions.

I’ve gotten excellent results from sprinting on a treadmill and continue to make it part of my workout routine, twice a week at the very least.

It really doesn’t take long to do interval training sessions. 15-20 minutes minimum.

If your on a bike…

Pedal for 20-30 seconds as fast as you can, rest for 20 seconds and repeat back and forth for 10-15 repetitions.

I always find doing HIIT on a treadmill much more difficult which is why I do less.

By the time you are finished doing your intervals you should be sweating like crazy.

sweating in gym

That’s how you know you put in a good cardio session and you’ll be burning calories up to 24 hours compared to regular steady state cardio, not only burns calories the moment you finish exercising. Cardio training has been really bashed in the fitness industry today.

I found a great program that has revamped my HIIT cardio routine called Visual Impact Cardio.

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Some people have no clue as they talk about short intense workouts such as cross-fit.

Those style of workouts don’t really get the job done because there is only so many calories you can burn in 20 or 30 minutes.

And the after-burn effect isn’t actually what most people think it is. At best you will burn 15% of extra calories.

So do a circuit to interval workout that takes 30 minutes at best your going to burn an extra 60 calories.

So the after-burn effect really amounts to nothing.

So Rusty Moore product is all about burning a maximum amount of calories to go along with the diet of course to get you lean but it’s also the changes throughout the week.

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