What Body Shape Am I – Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?

Which body type are you

Wondering what body shape you are and what exercise should you be doing for your body type?

Every man and woman come in different physiques.

This classification is common with those interested in body building or overall physical fitness in a gym. That is why scientists categorize the body frames in three types; Mesomorph, Endomorph, and Ectomorph.

Some men want a bulky physique, while others tend to prefer the lean body. So, which body type are you – Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph? To help you know better here is a look at each body type.

1. Ectomorph

A guy with an ectomorphic physique tends to be lean and thin. Since an ectomorph is generally skinny, they are usually perfect for physical exercises like athletics.

Conversely, they do not perform so well in bodybuilding contests. Professionals discourage ectomorphs from indulging in bodybuilding competitions, especially because of their bodily features. Typically, they will have small joints, with lean and stringy muscles.

Features of an ectomorph

• Flat chest
• Tiny and delicate bone structure and frame
• Typical hard gainer. They experience a tough and difficult time gaining weight.
• Fast metabolism. Ectomorphs also experience faster digestion than any other body type.
• Lean muscle mass
• Thin and slightly wide shoulders.

Why is it difficult for Ectomorphs to gain weight?

Since ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, it means that calories are burned up quickly in the body. Anytime they intake food, the body digests it at a quick rate. For that, they need to intake huge amount of calories so as to counter and compensate the fast metabolism. Also, eating before bed helps to avoid muscle catabolism when asleep.

How should I work out as an Ectomorph?

Ectomorphs also find it challenging to gain muscles during a workout. Nonetheless, with a proper strategy, it can be a lot easier for them to pull off an effective time at the gym. For starters, ectomorphs workouts must be short and intense enough. Also, they should be targeted on the big muscle groups for an effective growth. You can use some supplements to help trigger the muscle growth. Ideally, use a protein shake, rather than Creatine.

Using light weights in high reps can help. For instance, you can do five sets of about 20 reps, and prioritize mental concentration as you work out. Ensure that you have a low resting time, and throw in some cardiovascular exercises to energize you further.

2. Endomorph

An endomorphic physique is quite common among the wrestlers, though bodybuilders hate this physique. An endomorph tends to have a soft and solid body. With these guys, they usually gain fat easier than ectomorphs. They are usually shorter, with thick legs and arms. Also, they have strong muscles, mostly in the upper legs. Guys with an endomorphic physique will normally perform well in leg workouts, such as squats.

Common features of an endomorph

• Slow metabolism.
• Gain fat and muscle easily, but find it difficult to lose fat.
• Short and round physique.
• Soft and thick body.
• Muscles are not perfectly defined.

Endomorphs are usually advised to watch their eating habits because they have a slow metabolism that leads to a gradual calorie burn. That is why they gain fat and muscles easily. However, you should eat a high protein and carb meal at least seven times every day. This will help to maintain your physique.

Working out as an endomorph

Even though endomorphs have an easy time at the gym, not every workout is recommended. First off, you should follow the Pyramid strategy on your sets. Your training session should take about 50 mins a day, and train three times in a week.

For weightlifting, go for the extra heavy weights and do about six short reps with a two-minute rest in between. Engage in cardio and weight training as much as you can to avoid too much fat gain in the body. Also, stay away from supplements, especially if you are already following a high protein diet.

3. Mesomorph

Most bodybuilders tend to have a mesomorphic physique, which is a body structure with large muscles and bones, along with a naturally athletic structure. With mesomorphs, they experience an easy time gaining weight and losing muscles. They have a strong structure, which makes them the ideal species for bodybuilding.

Features of a mesomorph

• Perfectly-defined muscles
• Athletic physique
• Overly strong and hard body
• Rectangular body frame
• Gains muscles and fat with ease.
• Lose muscles

Even though this is the best physique that many guys want, it also has its negative side. The bad news about mesomorphs is that they tend to gain fat quicker and easier than endomorphs. For that, mesomorphs must watch their diet, especially the calorie intake. Ensure that you have six meals each day.

How to work out effectively as a mesomorph

Just because mesomorphs have a naturally effective time at the gym doesn’t mean that they can apply any workout technique. Conversely, you should engage in high-intensity training and pyramid training systems. With the pyramids, it is all about adding more weight to the plates, and limiting the number of reps on each set.

High-intensity training, on the other hand, entails intense and short workouts. A good example of a high intensity exercise would be sprint intervals which will deliver perfect results.

If you want to maintain your strong, athletic physique, you will have to blend in some cardio and weight training.

biceps and triceps workoutWhat about my physique?

Now you know the various body types, and how to maintain each of them. For me personally, I am proud to be among the most-sought-for physiques.

I am a mesomorph; athletic, with a strong and rock-hard physique.

So how do I maintain my body?

I tend to be a strict follower of a well-balanced diet, with enough amount of protein and calories. I do not use testosterone supplements to bulk me up. I achieved my physique ‘drug free‘ with hard work and discipline and I plan on keeping it that way.

I take a protein shake before working out, and a carb or protein meal after working out.

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Start your out with a light warm-up set, then do a 12-rep set for each beginning exercise. As you progress with your workout, use heavier weights in your subsequent set. Do about ten reps for the next four sets, and consider muscular failure training in each set.

So, if you would like to get big and ripped just like I have then you need to be fully committed make sure to set up a schedule to work on each muscle group every week.

For the abs, I recommend training them 2-3 times per week if you want that those sexy v shaped abs that women love. Ensure that you work out for about an hour, and include a moderate resting time. Working out four times in a week can also be helpful.

And how about you? What is your body type? I would love to hear from you.


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