Total Core Workout for Shredded Abs

total core workout for shredded abs

People still make the mistake of doing regular ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups, so they end up making slow progress, or giving up completely.

It only takes a little of your imagination to come up with better exercises that will effectively work your entire core to give you those sexy shredded abs.

They don’t need to be ultra fancy or anything, but if you want better looking abs, then make sure to use weight in the form of weight plates or a medicine ball. I have never benefited from regular crunches or sit-ups without the benefit of adding weight for extra resistance.

But everyone is different and it really depends on how much body fat you have around your waistline. None of the exercises that I demonstrate in this blog post will have much benefit to you unless you have a low body fat percentage (8-15% for men and 15-25% for women).

This image should give you an idea where your body fat percentage is at:

body fat levels

But just like any muscle group you train, if you do heavy rep ranges your abs are going to grow. I like doing both body weight and weighted exercises to help sculpt your abdominal muscles and make them look larger and more defined.

So in order to get a shredded core, you need to work each muscle fiber against resistance.

I have put together a short video that demonstrates some of my  favorite core exercises that I do at home or at the gym.

Each of these exercises is already available online and there is no doubt you will get great results from doing them as long as you continue to follow a clean healthy diet.

If you don’t have a gym membership or you prefer to workout at home, then all you need is a medicine ball. The one I’m using in the video has handles on both sides and weighs just 6ks. You can get buy one at most sports stops or on amazon for a reasonable price.

Give these exercises a try and let me know which ones you prefer to do.

Here’s a core workout for you to try at home or at the gym.

Please refer to the video above for demonstrations on how to perform each exercise.

#1 Core Workout at Home

20 Laying Leg Raises

laying leg raises
20 Medicine Ball V Ups

medicine ball v ups
20 Medicine Ball Russian Twists

medicine ball russian twist

Complete 3-4 ROUNDS

#2 Core Workout at the Gym

20 Cable Crunches (at a manageable weight)

20 Weight Plate V Ups

weighted v ups

20 Weight Plate Russian Twists

weight russian twists

20 Weighted 45° Side Bend (10 on each side)

weighted oblique extension
30 second weighted plank (Place 5-10kg plate on back)


Complete 2-3 ROUNDS

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