Tips To Build Lean Muscle While Burning Fat

build lean muscle while burning-fat

Hey guys, summer is almost here again and it’s time to get that body in great shape. What better to begin this process than learning how to build lean muscle while burning fat at the same.

I have been working out for over ten years but it’s not easy to stay consistent day in and day. But unless you are a professional athlete who has to stay on top of of his game 365 days a year, it okay to take a break from the gym for a while.

I gotta admit everyone who is as passionate about working out goes through a period when they stop working out and eating healthy during the year. And of course the hardest part is losing the weight you gained but the good news is…

[su_quote]If you have done it before then, there is no doubt you can bet your ass you will do it again.[/su_quote]

And for those of you that have no idea how to shed that extra bit of belly fat then this  article is also for you too.

I get emails from guys  and girls who are having problems gaining weight, eating right and sticking to a workout program.

I generally ask what their eating and they’d tell me they are eating healthy but still trying to fight off the weight and get lean.

I tell them to be more accurate as to what they are eating, what exercise they do, how often and how much sleep they get each night.

What I found is that most people want to lose weight, get fit, build muscle but after a few weeks they lose motivation, skip workout days and go back to eating junk food again.

If you are really serious about getting in shape then, you need to commit yourself religiously to this.

Here are some tips to build lean muscle while burning fat

To be really clear about building lean muscle while burning body fat you need to keep track of the progress you make. If you want to burn the most fat in less time keeping track of every exercise you do is beneficial.

Write It Down!

If you are not writing down everything, you put into your mouth then your obviously not serious enough about getting in shape.

If your not serious about changing your diet then you will always be frustrated and will later find yourself slacking or give up entirely.

Measure Body Parts

measure body parts

To help you reach your goals faster, you need to start taking measurements around your entire body.

Measure those arms, waist, chest and legs and calves.

You need to do this each week. Once you monitor your progress it will give you a clear indication where your at.

So in order to make real progress you should be able to look at everything you eat throughout the week and you should know why you make progress and why you don’t.

Guys have been talking behind my back saying that I took steroids because there is no way I could put on all that muscle mass without taking steroids. I actually enjoy hearing this shit. 🙂

not on steroids but thanks


i'm not on steroids

“…But the truth is I worked my butt off in and out of the gym for more than 10 year from eating the right protein and carbs and cutting out fatty junk food from my diet.

Although I have heard stories that steroids make your balls shrink…so I’ll keep them out of harms way.

So back to keeping track of your of your fitness

  1. Take note of Every Workout You Do in Each Session
  2. What you Eat Each Day
  3. Measure Your Body Parts – Biceps, Waist, Legs, Calves.
  4. How many hours sleep You Get

If I’m not making progress I know exactly why I don’t and make some changes to my diet and workout accordingly.

For the past 2 years now I have been keeping track of everything I eat.


  • Porridge and with skim milk
  • 4 Boiled Eggs – 2 whole 2 egg whites
  • 1 Slice of whole grain bread

Post Workout

Whey Protein shake and bottle of water

After workout

  • 2 chicken Filets or Tin of Tuna
  • Protein Shake
  • Portion of mixed vegetables
  • Brown Rice

So again, make a note of your daily workouts, what you eat and how much sleep you get each night.

It’s really not hard to do and will only take couple of minutes.

Do this and you’re definitely on your way to making positive progress.

If your not serious about this then go back to your computer games and binge drinking because this ain’t for you.

Hope this helps…and best of luck!

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