The Venus Factor Review – Weight Loss Program For Women Only

venus factor review weight loss program for women onlyAs a personal fitness expert, I feel compelled to share my review on the latest weight loss product for women.

I purchased and researched the Venus Factor and found this product genuine and ideal for beginners.

The Venus Factor is the perfect introductory for women of all shapes and sizes.

The Venus Factor Review is currently circulating Social Media across the Internet.

It’s a program designed specifically to help women lose weight, tone and shape their entire body within a twelve-week program.

I watched other Venus Factor reviews and was impressed. Their attention to detail such as nutrition, workout routines and video quality are professionally geared towards helping ordinary women achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

The workout program is specially designed for women with busy lifestyles that makes this product unique.

The Venus Factor Review –  Weight Loss Program For Women Only

This new and dynamic workout program is currently the fastest selling product on the market today.

Research has proven that The Venus Factor workout attains results unequivocally.

Creator of Venus Factor – John Barban

John Barban

John Barban – Creator of Venus Factor

The program was launched November 2013 by International Fitness and Nutrition Expert John Barban.

John Barban designed The Venus Factor specifically for the ordinary woman. He has revolutionized the weight loss and fitness industry to greater heights.

John’s twenty years’ experience has been invaluable to the weight loss and fitness organization.

Since its launch, The Venus Factor has become one of the most talked about weight loss programs in recent years.

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The fitness and nutrition market is swamped with fake products promising results that cannot be achieved in such short periods. Avoid these fraudulent products at all cost!!!

Seriously, we all know women that spend days, weeks, months and even years doing basic exercises such as walking. These are good exercises. However, every fitness instructor will advise doing than one exercise for maximum benefit.

The Venus Factor can be done at home, the gym and group sessions.

This video will explain the workout in more detail:

What causes women to lose weight?

Scientists have proved women who gain weight are influenced by the female hormone called leptin.

John Barban’s experience in nutrition has concluded that estrogen promotes weight gain in the female body.

Venus Factor Workout

Each workout in the Venus Factor consists of strength and body toning exercises. These exercises are easy and effective.

By completing these exercises, you will begin to shape and tone your body.

helping women lose weight quickly

What’s included in The Venus Factor?

•             You will get the complete Venus Factor Manual

•             The Venus Factor Workout Manual

•             The Body centric eating guide.

•             The Workout Schedule.

Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor Program

The main disadvantage is that it’s not a hard back book that gets delivered to you in the post, but you can always print it out if that suits you more.

I like the fact that this program doesn’t just target women who are already in good shape. No matter who you are, how much weight you have gained, the Venus Factor is suitable for all women.

Venus Factor Customer Stories

venus factor customer reviews


The exercises are broken down step by step and are easier to understand.

When you purchase the Venus Factor, the results you desire will slowly but surely happen. There are not quick fixes!

Venus Factor is the only tried and tested product that works. You will not be disappointed!

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