A Quick and Easy Way to Get Ripped With Short Intense Cardio

If you’re like a lot of guys who struggle to get rid of fat, then you need to then you need to read this blog post because I want to share with you a quick and easy way to get ripped with short intense cardio.

There are two very important things that successful bodybuilders pay close attention when crafting the ultimate physique.

  1. Building Muscle Mass
  2. Burning off the fat that covers the muscles

If you have tried to get ripped before by trying all kinds of exercises, then you know it’s not something you want to do through trial and error. That’s why I want to share with you a step by step plan that will help you burn body fat faster than anything else you have tried before.

Trust me, you will be one step ahead than the rest of the guys at the gym who struggle to shed body fat.

So let’s get started…

It doesn’t matter how big or how muscular you are, if you don’t include cardio in your training routine,  it will be extremely hard to get ripped (in competition shape).

Cardio is an important exercise that should be included in any training program, especially if your goal is to build muscle, burn body fat or improve your health and fitness.

I’m assuming you want to get leaner or perhaps reach single digit body fat levels, then always make sure to perform cardio alongside your weight training routine.  I’m not saying you should lift weights and do cardio on the same day.

From my experience, it’s better to do cardio on moderate intense weight training days. I’ll explain how in just a bit.

There is no wrong or right way to do cardio, everybody has their preference. They are so many different intensity levels that all produce good results.

Many bodybuilders and other competitors like to do a combination of high intensity and low-intensity cardio.

For me, I like to get ripped in the fastest and most efficient way, so high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is high on the list.

The great thing about HIIT cardio is that it can be completed in as little as 15-20 minutes with maximum results, but it really depends on the person’s level of fitness or whether they have a history of injuries.

So if you have or had previous injuries or leg pain such any of the following then I would advise not to do HIIT cardio.

  • Hamstring pain
  • Sprained ankle
  • Shin Splints
  • Groin Strain
  • Calf Muscle Tear
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Thigh Strain

If you are already in good health and reasonably fit and your not afraid of pushing your body to it’s limit then HIIT cardio will burn more calories than any “steady state”low-intensity cardio.

When I do my cardio, I try to keep it between 15 to 20 minutes. No more no less! People are usually shocked when I tell them how little cardio I do get ripped.

Well if they only knew how intense my cardio sessions are they would understand. I go all out whether I do HIIT on a Treadmill or Elliptical trainer or sprinting outdoors. No time to waste fellas! Time is precious! Definitely, no walk in the park that’s for sure!

Even though each session is hard, I don’t mind because:

  1. It’s the fastest way to burn body fat
  2. I only do it twice a week for a total of 15-20 minutes

And the best part, I don’t lose muscle mass. Yes HIIT cardio is a great way to maintain muscle mass while burning fat at the time.

Look at a runner and a sprinter and I’m sure you’ll notice the differences in both their bodies.

sprinters body

It’s clear that the sprinter is ripped with lots of muscle mass, while the runner looks thin and carries little to no muscle mass.

The only way HIIT cardio can negatively impact your muscle gains is if you are not getting the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats in each of your meals.

The main reason HIIT cardio is more off effect than low-intensity cardio is because it increases your metabolism so that your body can burn fat hours after your finished your workout.  You will also be burning more calories while your sleeping which is a huge bonus!

I would much rather spend 15 minutes sprinting hard on a treadmill and getting far greater results than somebody jogging or running on a treadmill or slow rides on a stationary for 45-60 minutes, 4-5 days a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against long distance cardio, It can be enjoyable from time to time but when you’re looking to burn fat as quickly as possible then HIIT is the way to go!

Other than doing HIIT cardio twice per week, I still lift weights 3-4 days a week depending on my schedule. This is to ensure I continue to increase muscle mass while keeping my body fat in the single digits.

Here Are Some Health Benefits of Intense Cardio

  • Build and Maintain Muscle
  • Improve Blood Flow to the Muscles
  • Increase Your Metabolism (so that you can eat more of your favorite foods without gaining extra body fat).

So it makes sense why a lot of athletes perform more intense cardio instead of low intense cardio. Mainly to maintain lean muscle mass.

If you have never tried intense cardio before it takes some time getting used to. Just like weight training, it requires some mental and physical toughness.

Sprinting or any other kind of intense cardio is extremely demanding on the body, but the longer you stick to it, the more that it will become second nature.

Beginners Sprint Cardio Workout

For example, you perform 20 minutes of cardio and alternate between one-minute high intensity “work” intervals and one minute lower intensity “recovery” intervals. Altogether, you perform 10 high-intensity intervals for a total of 20 minutes.

If you are haven’t been active for more than 6 months and you’re carrying over 30+lbs of body fat, the follow this program.

Jog for 2 minutesSprint for 10 seconds
Jog for 2 minutesSprint for 10 seconds
Jog for 2 minutesSprint for 10 seconds
Jog for 2 minutesSprint for 10 seconds


Repeat this four times 3 days per week.  It sounds very easy but you’ll quickly find that just 10 seconds of sprinting is more than enough to completely exhaust you. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be completely exhausted and you’ll feel as though you can’t perform another 2-minute jogging session. That’s what you want.

Finish this with a 10-minute cooldown.

The entire workout will take you 12 minutes but you’ll find you’re easily as tired (if not more tired) than you would have been after jogging at a steady state for 30-40 minutes! Moreover, this is enough to trigger the afterburn effect and to leave you burning calories for hours afterward.

Because this type of training is so fast, you can afford to do this 2 or 3 times a week. Once you start to become more confident, you can move onto more advanced exercises. I recommend you check out The Anabolic Running Workout.

As I mentioned already there are many different variations of HIIT cardio, all are very effective as long as you give 90% or 100% of your efforts.

How to get better at High Intense Cardio

Always strive to beat your previous performance in every intense cardio session you do. Exactly as you would when you want to lift heavier weights when you squat, bench or deadlift.

Remember it takes time to build a good level of intensity. But gradually you will improve with time.

In the cold winter months, I tend to perform my intense cardio sessions on the treadmill. I’ve been doing this for years now so it’s definitely my favourite choice of machines.

When the weather is good, I do sprint intervals outdoors, preferably in the summertime. You can use any piece of equipment you like, the stair-stepper, the bike, or treadmill.

You apply HIIT with swimming, biking, boxing, basketball,  hill running, jump rope or aerobic spinning classes. Whatever you prefer.

My 2-day week high-intensity cardio schedule that I use to get ripped.


Cardio Equipment

Treadmill (An hour after I wake up on an empty stomach on non-weight training days)

Duration: 20 minutes

Format: Hill Program


Cardio Equipment

Treadmill (An hour after I wake up on an empty stomach after training abs)

Duration: 20 minutes

Format: Hill Program

Pretty simple program. But it works! That’ just 40 minutes of cardio each week.

As I said in the summer, my favorite intense cardio is sprinting outdoors. So if you want to get ripped in time for your summer break, without spending hours a week doing cardio then you should definitely start doing cardio.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I hope you enjoyed it and it has helped you out. If so please leave a comment and share with your friends or someone you think might benefit from this.

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