Set Realistic Expectations To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

set realistic expectations to achieve your fitness goalsExercise is very important for health and well-being but unfortunately a lot of us make excuses for not exercising or going to the gym.

We are great and making decisions but even better at making excuses for not doing what we know is good for us. I actually wrote an article on the funny excuses irish people make for not exercising if you’re interested in reading it.

Some people are genetically lucky that they don’t need to go the gym. But if you’re doing simple every day exercises like going for a walk it can still keep you in shape.

There is a lot to be said about the advantages that strength training has on your health and well-being.

It is very important, especially for women later on in life. It helps with muscle tone, faster metabolism and osteoporosis. It will give you an outstanding body shape as a result of all of this.

Incorporate Strength Training With Cardio For Best Results

strength training and cardio

You hear men and women complain about the bit of belly fat that they can’t seem to get rip of. I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been there myself. Yes, walking is good but there are two important things that go hand in hand that are getting the right balance of nutrition and exercise into your daily life.

In my experience the best way to achieve this is by incorporating strength training with added cardio in between. Nutrition is probably people’s biggest issue.

You will hear people say, oh I joined the gym a couple of months ago but I’m still in the same shape I was back when I joined. So I usually ask them what exactly they are doing that’s preventing them from losing weight, toning up or building muscle mass.

They basically go to the gym train for an hour, then go home, have dinner, a few biscuits with coffee or tea.

Yes they might have burned off 450 calories at the gym then consume about 500 calories after their workout.

So what they’re really doing is going to the gym to put on weight even though their intention is to lose it. It’s funny but it’s true. When I bring this into awareness they become really surprised.

You see most people are determined to go to the gym and get in shape but they forget that food plays at least a 70% role. If it was easy everybody would be in great shape.

It’s not easy, it’s actually hard work and anybody out there you see who is in great physical shape and looks well, it’s because they obviously trained very hard to get like that. Although, some people are more fortunate than others, they don’t need to exercise much to keep in shape.

Have you ever just met someone and asked them how to manage to keep in good shape and they tell you that they do not go to the gym or exercise. That’s why some people are physically gifted, while most of us have to put in the effort if we want to look good.

Generally, for most of the population you do have to work out. I don’t go to the gym everyday but I always make sure that I can fit at least 4 days in a week to burn fat and maintain my body shape.

Getting the right amount of exercise and nutrition is the key to living a happier more balanced lifestyle.

If you have ever watch operation transformation on RTE, It’s not just about weight loss. It’s an Irish health and fitness show (hosted by Kathryn Thomas) that’s help’s six contestants reshape their lives and achieve their individual goals.

I really like this program and it’s even more heart-warming to see how they change their eating habits and reach their ideal body weight. As far as I know season 7 will be coming out soon. Lately I have been pretty active on Facebook and other social media sites and read some interesting stories from Irish people.

One story in particular is about is about Irish radio presenter, motivational speaker and author, “Teena Gates”, who has apparently struggled with her health for many years. She has gone from losing 13 stone in as little as one year.

It didn’t stop there, she continues to prove to herself that nothing is impossible no matter what age you are. Teena is  involved in all sorts of sporting activities throughout Ireland and around the world.

Just recently she has written a book called “One Foot in Front of the Other“. Her story is quite remarkable and she has inspired a lot of Irish people to achieve their own health and fitness goals.

You can visit Teena’s website if you want to find out more or check out her Facebook page here .

The importance of setting realistic expectations to achieve your fitness goals

It is common that the more weight you gain the less happy you will feel. So whether you want to lose weight and build muscle, you first need to set realistic expectations to achieve your fitness goals.

You can’t just say, “oh I want a body like “Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)” or “Miley Cyrus” if you’re a woman. This is not going to happen for you. Realistically you need to know where you can be for your body shape.

There is no point in trying to achieve a body that is not achievable for you

So if you can balance weight training out with a good cardio session, whether that be running or walking.

The great thing about combining weight training with a good cardio session is that you can shape your body. Eating a low fat diet and cardio does not allow you to shape your muscles the way you want them and that’s a fact.

Muscle Building Tips For Women

I think more and more people are coming to this realisation though because weight training has becoming a popular trend on social media sites. Women have even come to this realisation that it’s okay to lift weights.  I’ve been a gym member since 2004 and only within the past few 2-3 years have I noticed more women squatting, doing dead-lifts and lunges in the weights room.

muscle building tips for womenSo once you have made a commitment to work out regularly, using weight training and cardio, you can still go out and treat yourself to a nice meal once a week. You will actually appreciate the meal more knowing that you worked your butt off at the gym and you won’t feel the slightest shame whatsoever.

Just don’t make your cheat meals an everyday occurrence or you’ll only be shooting yourself in the foot.

As I have said already at least 70% is down to nutrition and how you feed your body. If you go home in the evening time and eat processed meats, high sugary carbs and chicken kebabs you won’t be able to physically burn off those calories because there is only so much exercise to burn off in one workout session.

So if you are going out and eating extra calories you will definitely store more body fat. The body gets use to cardio but weight training is much better because your body never adapts and gets use to weight training. It does adapt to cardio.

stop making excuses for not exercising

There will be times you won’t feel like going to the gym and you will make excuse after excuse why you can’t go. When you think about it not making the effort to exercise regularly actually takes more effort because you actually choose to avoid and make excuses which only make you feel even worse.

The longer you sit around thinking about it the less likely you will do it. I fall into this trap to.

Don’t be one of those people that say “ah I’ll go in an hour. Then the hour goes by and you’re sitting in front of the telly watching EastEnders or Arsenal V Liverpool. Best thing to do is set aside a time in the day or evening that you won’t be busy and commit an hour to the gym or exercising at home. Pretty simple, yeah? Of course it is!

If you’re a woman I can understand it can be difficult after you have just had a child.

But you should at least allow yourself 2-3 days a week of some form of activity.

Nowadays you can work out at home; heck there are exercise games for Xbox and PlayStation. You can play games like “your shape fitness evolved Kinect XBOX”.

These games make exercise fun and enjoyable and will always give you something to look forward to if you’re not into the gym. I personally wouldn’t depend on playing Xbox games to get in shape.

But at least it’s a good alternative if you don’t like going to the gym.

So my advice if your new to the gym or haven’t worked out in a long time is to start off slowly. Set some small achievable goals with your diet and exercise program.

You don’t have to work out for an hour or 2 hours, 30 minutes will do.

Once you begin workout out your energy levels will increase, you will have more to give on a daily basis and it will just make you a happier person overall.

So get into a gym or do it in the comfort of your own home, there is no excuse!

So if you want to earn your ideal body shape, then you have got to put the effort in.  If you enjoyed reading this article I would really appreciate if you would leave a comment below and share this with your friends. Also if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. Cheers!

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