RIBBF 2015 – My First Bodybuilding Show

biceps pose

I just did my first bodybuilding show (Novice) on October 3rd 2015 and despite not winning my class, I have no regrets, finally being able to stand on stage is a bit of a dream come true for me.

I probably should have competed years ago while I was still in decent shape, but all I can do now is work harder and prepare for the next competition in 2016.

I definitely trained hard leading up the competition and friends have been telling to to compete as I had just as much of a chance of winning as any other competitor in my category.


I was really surprised that there was only eight guys in my category. Up on stage, the entire show  went by so fast and I tried to stay focused on getting my posing right as I didn’t practice it enough. I believe it was for that very reason, I didn’t place in the top 3.

bodybuilding show

That’s me on the far left (front row)

Just looking at the other physiques here, I definitely feel like I fitted in with the rest of the guys and I know that I can always make better improvements with my body and posing routine.

I had a great experience, I really enjoyed myself and I feel even more motivated to come back next year and get a better result.

I chatted with most of the guys and they all seemed really cool and supportive of each other. So, ya gotta hand it to them.

Here’s a photo of the guy who won it. Conor McGee. He nailed it with his posing routine and who knows, it was probably not the first time he’s competed. However, he definitely deserved to win.

conor mckee

I definitely feel I picked the right category  for my first competition and I did think I would do better but proud nonetheless.

Right after the competition I took a shower and was looking forward to scorching down a couple of donuts and a few chocolate bars.

Definitely hit the spot! 🙂

…and this wasn’t all I ate afterwards, pizza, ice-cream and the list goes on!

If you have competed on stage before, I’d like to hear your experiences, how you felt or if you have thought about competing, I’d love to hear from you. Scroll down to leave your comments below.

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