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It's time to end the confusion, cut through all the crap and discover how to build lean muscle on a vegan diet. Pay no attention to anybody who says that only meat eaters can build more muscle than vegans.  It's just not true!

Now is your chance to create jealousy among men...and desire among women...by showing off your newly developed lean, sexy, body.

This is for you if you...

  • have any concerns that plant-based proteins are incomplete proteins
  • ...worry that plant based proteins don't taste as good as animal protein?
  • ...you struggle to build muscle, get fit and even bulky as a vegan"?
  • ....think that by restricting meat, fish and dairy from your diet can’t possibly be good for your health?

Hi, I'm Justin

before and after

And up until 2017, I was your typical meat eating bodybuilder....

Everyday I'd eat a lot of chicken, fish, beef and eggs and then wash it all down with several scoops of whey protein and milk.

In total, I was eating at least 500 grams of animal protein a day, that's an equivalent to about 18 chicken breasts.....

Yes I looked the part but by....

Filling my plate with meat, dairy and eggs everyday was making me feel terrible on the inside....

And that became a huge problem for me....

For as long as I've been bodybuilding, I've had to deal with digestive problemsmuscle achespainful bloating to and upset stomach....

....as well as feeling constipated and tired all of the time....

I Had Enough!

I was fed up of eating a diet that I once thought was healthy but was making me sick. 

It felt like my body was in a constant wreck and If I continued eating this way my health would probably get a hell of a lot worse.

Then one day, while doing some research on the production of meat and animal protein....

Just 30 minutes in, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My emotions took over and all I could think of was all the years I spent eating meat without giving much thought to the level of pain and suffering animals are forced to endure and how it was effecting my health and the health of millions of others people.

After watching the horrifying footage shown in Earthlings, I wanted to learn more, so I also watched a few more documentaries such as "Forks over knives" and "Cowspiracy".

The information presented in these documentaries made a lot of sense, and that's when I thought....


In that moment, I Pledged to go vegan right away! Yep, I went hard-core vegan right from the start. 

One of my biggest concerns that I had was, "where the hell would I get my protein from to build muscle"? I knew it was going to be challenging but wanted to prove to myself that I could achieve the same kind of results on a plant-based vegan diet as I did when I ate meat and diary products.

As a long-term gym member, I always believed I needed to eat a ton of meat and protein supplements to pack on huge muscle mass. It never occurred to me there was another way to get a sufficient amount of protein than from eating animals. 

After switching to a vegan diet, I'll admit it took me a while to get used to it. 

Back In June 2017 I weighed 162 pounds, I struggled on a plant-based diet for a month but 28 days later, I was making serious muscle gains and continued making progress as the weeks went by. By day 70 I was back gaining muscle again like I was when I was eating a meat-based diet, but this time I was getting far greater results and felt super healthy too!

And the AMAZING news is that…

If I Can Make These Gains On A Vegan Diet Then So Can You!

This same system is designed for EVERYONE...even if you just want to get more looks while on the beach. Or maybe you desire more muscle mass or want to solve your problem of being overweight. Perhaps your current program is not as productive as yo want it to be.

It does matter what your goals are. Your can tap into my knowledge and use the same  “result-oriented” approach as a shortcut. Because After just 9 weeks of using this powerful system, I’m going to share with you….

I gained 18 pounds of lean muscle and my body fat went from 20% to 5% so I looked better and felt better than I ever did in my life. I regained my confidence and my relationship with my girlfriend and other people got better. I literally never felt this good before.

I used to train for over an hour at the gym 4-6 days per week, now I only workout for at least 45 and I’m out of there. I focused on the things that gave me the best results possible. I had a lot more time to hang out with friends, family and focus on my business.

And the great thing is, I even got my six pack back, that I lost when I first switched to a vegan diet (when I hadn’t got a clue what to eat of course). 

My Strength Skyrocketed As Well As My Energy Levels And Focus

I am now able to squat up to 180 kgs whereas during my meat eating days, I only managed to squat 100 kgs. I am now stronger in all other lifts too, bench press, deadlifts and pull-ups...

The benefits of eating a whole-food plant based diet don’t stop there….

I recover so much faster during and after my workout which means I feel less soreness and now I can put 100% effort into all my workout sessions. 

My skin is much clearer. I used to hate having to deal with acne but thanks to a plant-based diet that issue is now solved

The benefits seem to be endless!

My initial problem was, I wasn't getting the right amount of nutrients needed to maintain or increase muscle mass.

It made me wonder if there were also other people getting the same awesome results from a plant-based diet

So I decided to do a search online to see if I could find other vegans who may be getting the same or similar results as me. What I came across literally made me speechless...

I Discovered Hundreds Of Other Plant-Powered Bodybuilders Who Are Living Proof That You Don't Need Meat or Dairy To Build Muscle

Whether you have heard or not, TODAY, "Plant-based Diet" has become the fastest growing “diet”. From celebrities,  elite athletes, fitness coaches and even chefs - EVERYONE is eager to try it or adopt it

And there's a good reason for that! It's because no other diet or eating plan provides so many benefits as a plant based diet.

Sadly there are still many avid gym-goers, bodybuilders and athletes will still want you to believe that you need animal protein to build muscle, strength and recover faster. These are common misconceptions of a plant-based vegan diet, and They couldn't be further from the truth...

Here's What You Will Discover In The Plant-Based Bodybuilding System

Building muscle and getting the body you want on a vegan diet isn't as complicated as the diet and fitness industry wants you to believe.

They want you to think that veganism and bodybuilding are mutually exclusive. We've all be led to believe that you can't build a great physique without eating animal products. This is completely bullshit. 

You absolutely can, because vegan athletes are proof of this. 

Now, i'm not saying it's going to be easy either. Because even building your body on a meat based diet isn't going to be easy. But if you know what you're doing.

Bottom line is, if you don't understand the limitations of a vegan diet in the context of bodybuilding, then you going to be very disappointed in your results.

But if you know what you doing, and make the necessary adjustments to your diet and training, then you will have no problem building muscle, losing fat and get strong on a vegan diet. 

Here's a quick overview of what you will learn in this book:

What's Included In The PBB System?

Get Over 70 Delicious Vegan Recipes: 

Get over 70 tasty, simple, yet unique protein recipes from breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups, snacks, and smoothies to help you thrive as a plant-based bodybuilder!  Each of these recipes include a nutritional breakdown of how much protein, carbohydrates, fats and calories you will be consuming. So we can help you to keep track of your healthy vegan lifestyle. These recipes are aimed to provide your body with a balance level of protein intake. Great for any athlete or bodybuilder. No need to spend hours wasting time in the kitchen. Each meal can be prepared and cooked in less than 30 minutes!

Nutrition Program

Whether you are new or old to Veganism or bodybuilding, this book touches all the nutrient aspects of a whole-food plant-based diet.  Some of the most commonly asked questions that vegans get asked is "Where do you get your protein from"? Protein is a necessary part of a bodybuilders diet and this book covers al the nutrient aspects of a plant-based diet to help you reach your muscle building and fat burning goals. 

Workout Program & Training Logs

This program includes a 12 week training program that covers everything you need to know to build muscle, lose fat and look great as fast possible.  It's great for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainers.  You will also have access to fill-in-the-blank training logs to track and document your muscle and fat loss results. These training logs can also be printed out. 

A Complete Shopping List and Food Table

Easy to follow, complete shopping list and food table to help you vary your food options when doing grocery shopping and choosing foods in the different categories according to your goals. The Complete Food Table will provide you with tons of options and information about food items you can buy and add to your grocery list.  

A Complete Shopping List and Food Table

This Eating on the go Guide will assist you in learning how to keep eating clean and avoid pitfalls when you are outside the house. We all go out from time to time, whether it's restaurants, family events or just hanging out at a friend's house. There is not reason to avoid them or isolate yourself. 

Protein Supplement Guide

Want to make sure you meet all your protein needs. You will discover the only supplements you need for muscle growth and optimum health.

Meal Plans

The PBB System includes delicious vegan meal plans which  includes a variety of nutritious foods and balanced out the meals and snacks to make sure you're getting the calories and nutrients that's required on a plant-based diet.

And Much, Much, More...

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 60 DAYS!

Getting the body of your dreams can be yours within the next 60 days as long as you are willing to put the work in to achieve it. Thousands of people have gotten great results from this program and so will you.  So for if you are not satisfied with the results you get from using this program, I will send you every penny back and you will get to keep The Plant Based Bodybuilding System for free!

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