Interval Training on Treadmill for Beginners

Interval Training on Treadmill For Beginners

I recently received this message from a guy who is following my Facebook page. It Reads:

[su_note]Hi Justin, I really enjoy reading your posts and following you on Facebook. I have a question, I go to the gym 4 days a week, I lift weights 3 days and do cardio on the 4th day but I don’t seem to be loosing weight.I’m fairly fit  but I just want to get rid of that extra bit of fat from my  stomach. Right now i’m 14 stone and want to reach 13 stone without losing muscle.Is there an exercise that will help me lose body fat in a short amount of time. I am a pretty good runner and sweat a lot but it’s really frustrating that the weight is still showing even after 4 mounts of running. Hope you can help. Thanks, Martin [/su_note]

Martin, from my experience the most effective way to get rid of body fat in a short amount of time is by doing High Intensity Interval Training on a treadmill (HIIT).

High Intensity Interval training will also increase cardio and conditioning while keeping that lean muscle.

If you have never done it before, don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere. And if you keep this exercise up for a couple of weeks you should definitely drop pounds off your waistline.

You can use the treadmill,the elliptical, the bike, the stairmaster or even hill sprints outdoors if you wish. But I prefer to do it on the treadmill because it’s easier to control.

Take a look at most spint athletes, they are completely ripped and muscular compared to the average Marathon Runner.

sprinters body

I started experimenting with outdoor sprints years before I settled for sprinting on a treadmill. But before that I use to do most of my cardio running outdoors which is why I didn’t have much muscle definition.

running outdoors

As soon as I added interval training on a treadmill to my weight lifting regimen I began getting the results I’ve longed for.

sprinters body

Sprinting on the treadmill is one of the best methods of losing fat in a short amount of time and definitely the most time efficient. When I say short, don’t be expecting to a week or two…give it a bit more time than that and you’ll see positive results.

There are people who run on the treadmill at a moderate pace with no intensity, it’s no wonder they don’t seem to lose much weight

Interval training on treadmill for beginners workout

Cardio Interval Sprints

  • 6 Rounds
  • 30 Seconds – Sprints1
  • 30 Second – Recovery

I recommend you warm, doing a light job or walk for 5 minutes. This will help get your blood flowing.

After you warm up you will want to get straight into fast sprints for 30 seconds.

Count up to 30 seconds in your head and the crank it down to 30 seconds at a slow speed for recovery. Bring your heart rate back down before repeating the cycle of 30 seconds for 6 complete sprint intervals, so you get that high intensity followed by a complete recovery.

6 Benefits of Interval Sprint Training on a Treadmill

benefits of interval training on a treadmill

Sprint training on a treadmill is an amazing effective way of boosting the metabolism and burning body fat. And it doesn’t end the

I would recommend you do this workout no more than twice a week because it’s important that your body gets enough rest so that you can do it again at a high intensity.

[su_note]After you feel comfortable doing 6 rounds you can gradually increase it [/su_note]

I really think this is a great way to burn fat.

I’ve been doing this for years now and from my experience you will burn much more body fat sprinting on a treadmill for a total of 15-20 minutes than than the average person jogging on the treadmill for an hour.

I definitely recommend you add this into your workout regimen.

I want you guys to try it and let me know how it goes. Good luck!

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