How To Motivate Yourself To Workout When You Don’t Feel Like It

How To Motivate Yourself To Workout When You Don't Feel Like It

So you want to know how to motivate yourself to workout when you don’t feel like it? How do you stay motivated to workout everyday or just 3 days per week? How do you stay motivated to eat right?

Well they way I look at it is you got to want to workout. Think of the reason why you want to get in shape. Think about what to achieve as a result of working out.

Better yet write down what you want to accomplish from working out. This will make you feel more and more motivated to stick to the gym.

  • It might be that you want to get ripped abs
  • You want to lose weight and get lean
  • You want to look good to the opposite sex
  • Better yourself in sports
  • To prevent disease
  • Feel stronger, fitter and healthier

Whatever it is be specific exactly what you want to accomplish from working out.

Only you know why you want to get in shape. I can’t give you the list. If you don’t want it bad enough then maybe you should change your goals because working out ain’t for you!

I know guys who won’t go to the gym because they feel intimidated and assume it’s a place for the big boys. Those days are long gone, you will see the odd muscular guy but a lot of guys go to the gym for general health and fitness so there is nothing to worry about.

If you want to get off your ass and get fit then there is nobody or anything that will stand in your way.

But once you begin to quit it becomes easier and easier to quit.Yes, quitting becomes a habit.

It all starts with you. If your not motivated enough you will find that you will want to stay in bed a little longer and once that happens you will eat more food than you should be eating. It’s a viscous cycle.

You will develop a new habit and will start making excuses for not going to the gym.

I try not to give up at all. Never give up, not by a long shot. I’ve been in this fitness game too long to quit at this stage of my life.  Because once you start slacking those little things that you have been putting off lead to bigger things.

So stay motivated you need to start building strong habits. You have to believe in yourself, build up your self-confidence that every positive thing you do with yourself will lead to a positive outcome.

The way I look at it is…

If you don’t want to workout, that’s the most important time to make a final decision. Because your teaching yourself that your better and more capable of doing things when everything seems impossible.

Once you snap out of that way of thinking you, your teaching yourself to be strong. Your teaching yourself to keep the promises that you make.

It all starts from within and that’s the beauty of fitness. You have to be so persistent as far as dieting and working out throughout the week.

It takes so much commitment and it’s hard because if it wasn’t everybody would be doing it.

When you train yourself day in and day out to keep the promises that you make to yourself, do what you say your gonna do, no matter how hard it is, it builds such an amazing amount of confidence.

success in lifeAnd this translates to all areas of your life, not just having the motivation to workout.

Next thing you know your keeping your promises to your family, your kids, your friends and co-workers. At this point you are a person of integrity.

Your no longer a whiner, a complainer or somebody who doubts their abilities.

Most people have never stuck with what they have wanted in life. They complain or lose the faith in themselves as soon as things get hard.

Have some integrity and do what you say your going to do. Stick to your promises. You say your going to do something you do it.

So to recap on everything I said…

  1. Stay motivated to accomplish your fitness goals you got to want it more
  2. Write down the reasons why you want it. The reason that are important to you.

Notice that you are not just training your body, notice that your training your mind. Your training your will power, your integrity and disciple.

Your self-confidence is going to make you a better person. This will set you apart from other people But every time you give up you are selling yourself short.

Everything you do becomes a habit. Try to be disciple to make a habit out of what you want to achieve and it will be so rewarding for you in the future and you that you will never regret it.

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