How To Get A Male Stripper’s Body

How to get a male strippers body

So what does it take to get a male stripper’s body like Matthew McConaughey or Channing Tatum? 

It’s no surprise that thousands of guys all over the world want to get as lean and ripped like the guys from the Magic Mike movie. 

I went to see the movie with a girl I was dating when it first came out. 

I thought it was hilarious, and all I can remember throughout the movie was women screaming as Magic Mike stripped down to his thong at a girl’s eighteenth birthday party.

I have to admit it did inspire me to do a couple of shows for some friends but had to plans to do it for a living. I don’t think I could tolerate been groped by drunk women every night of the week.

But I have to admit the girls I did put on a show for were actually a lot of fun and really friendly.

Strip Shows

I love entertaining people whether it’s dancing, comedy or singing. By the way check out this music video I did a couple of years, it didn’t make me famous, but it had so much fun making it.

With the right workout program and diet you too can get a male strippers body and entertain lots of women at parties. It takes courage though but if you’re doing it for fun and you got the body the by all means “Flaunt It”!

So how do you get a male stripper’s body?

So how do you get a body like the guys from the Magic Mike or like the guys from the movie 300.

Until you take action, you will never know if it’s ever possible to get in good shape. What you read and hear from fitness guru’s isn’t always right either.

There is no quick fix no matter how many so called guru’s tell you. But if you make a commitment to spend more time on your cardio and core you will eventually achieve the abs you always wanted.

My advice is to take a little bit more action that you normally would and instead of wasting time trying to make your arms and chest look bigger, focus on losing body fat and do more abdominal exercises.

It was true trial and error I finally discovered what it took to get the body I wanted. And once you get there, it’s even more difficult to maintain it.

Most guys make the following mistakes when they go to the gym.

1. They take longer rest breaks between each set.

2. They don’t push themselves hard enough

3. They waste time standing around laughing and talking to their gym buddies when your focus should be completely on your workout – TRAIN NOW, TALK LATER!

5. They have no idea how much they should lift.

6. They only workout once or twice a week

7. No clear goals or workout program

If you want a six-pack you need to include abdominal exercises with high-intensity interval training.

Read: Crazy Ab And Cardio Workout

Yes, HIIT in my opinion the best way to burn fat faster than steady state cardio such as walking, jogging or cycling.

Research proves that people who do interval training on a treadmill 2-3 times per week, burn fat faster than people that do 30-60 minutes of normal jogging or incline treadmill walking.

Interval training can be done in several ways, it doesn’t necessarily have to be done on a treadmill. An example would be, sprinting outdoors or on a sprint track.

From my experience, the best way to burn fat to and build muscle faster is to combine weight training exercises with interval training done on the treadmill and of course working on your abs 2-3 times a week.

This is a surefire way of burning fat and building muscle.

My Favorite ab exercises are:

1. Ab Exercises (hanging leg raises, planks, ab-roller, air bike, able crunches, ab crunch machine and bottom’s up (one of Bruce lee’s favorite’s).

Here’s a great article I have written recently that I like to call 6 killer V-cut Ab Workouts.

These are the main ab exercises I have been doing for over a year now. I recommend you add each of them to your next ab workout and soon enough you too will get ab that you will want to show off any chance you get.

6 killer v-cut ab workouts

Getting ripped abs doesn’t just happen overnight. There is no magic pill, so just be patient and it will happen as long as you stick to training abs 2-4 days a week you’ll eventually achieve the desired results.

Don’t listen to all the scams on the internet, especially those ads you see on YouTube that teaches you how to get six pack abs in a few days or weeks. Like I said, I learned through trial and error and tried out new exercises.

If you keep reading those fitness magazines and watching fitness videos on YouTube, it will only frustrate the hell out of you. You will always be looking for the perfect “Magic Pill” to getting the body you always wanted.

Just focus your attention on pushing yourself and keep your focus on the prize and with the right mindset you will get there.

In another article I will talk about how to build bigger arms, shoulders, back, legs and what to eat and avoid eating.

This article is all about fat burning and getting a properly defined six pack (without wanting to become a male stripping or course, unless you want to).

Here is a before and after photo of me from September 2013. And Believe it or not, it did take me just one week to achieve this. You might find it hard to believe because of the difference in skin color and body transformation.

Trust me this is real! You see, I can always gain a little weight but I know I can burn it off and get ripped abs in a short amount of time… As they say “The Proof is in the pudding.”

how to get a male strippers body

Also, I recommend you check out Visual Impact by Rusty Moore . His program is great for burning fat and getting ripped in a short amount of time.

I have been following Rusty’s advice for years now and he’s got some great fat burning and body sculpting exercises if you want that lean body Hollywood look…. Click Here To Find Out More

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