How To Eat Healthy In A Fast Food Restaurant

how to eat healthy in a fast food restaurantThe words “healthy” and “fast food restaurant” don’t really go together, do they? But it is possible to eat fairly well when you are at one of these places.

Perhaps you’ve been invited out with friends and don’t want to seem like a social hermit, so you agree to go.

Just because you are there doesn’t mean you have to give in and fill your stomach with processed burgers, fatty fries and other food items that are clearly bad for you.

Below are some tips on how to eat healthy in a fast food restaurant so that you can always be ahead of the game.

Read the nutrition guidelines

ALL fast food restaurants now have nutritional guidelines for their foods, usually found in a pamphlet in store or online.

Looking these over before you order or even earlier in the day if possible, will help you to make a healthier decision in terms of what you are going to eat at the establishment.

You should usually try to determinate what has more nutrition and less calories and go for this.

Change your order

Restaurants are there to be accommodating to customers and although you might not want to be seen as awkward, making amendments to your order so it suits you is really not a big deal.

Trust me, I do this one all the time and never have I never been made feel embarrassed.

Eating clean at McDonald’s

Whenever I eat at McDonald’s I like to order a “Lettuce Wrapped Burger” (a bunless burger wrapped in lettuce).

I can tell them to put whatever I want on it, cheese, bacon, onions and tomato. This is a great way to make your burger so much healthier.

lettuce wrapped burger


Eating clean at Subway

At subway you can choose the toppings you want, with or without sauces. If you want high protein low carb meal, just ask them to throw in some extra chicken and bacon with veggies.

Also, if you want to go unless, ask them to wrap the ingredients in lettuce and your all good to go! Awesome, you can eat at subway anytime, without worrying about calorie intake.

high protein low-carb subway

Never go large

Fast food establishments will often give you the chance to make you meal bigger for a little bit extra money, you should always say no to this. All you will be doing is filling your body with more than it needs and can handle.

Remember also that you don’t need to finish all that is served to you, the portions in these places are often really big so you could always give your left overs to a friend or take them home with you for later.

Don’t drink soda

Most fast food meals come with soda but you should always ask for water instead to wash down your food. Not only is soda extra calories, it’s SO bad for you – even worse than the food at these places in my opinion.

Check out the sugar content in these drinks.

sugar contents

Don’t stress too much

Every once in a while, it’s perfectly fine to eat fast food. You really think one meal now and again at a fast food restaurant is going to undo all your hard work? Of course not! Just eat extra well the next day or train even harder than usual!

It’s important to make sure that it doesn’t happen too often and you will be absolutely fine.


Now you know how to eat healthy in fast food restaurants. Having a solid eating plan is VITAL in helping you achieve your muscle building and fat loss needs.

So next time your out with your mates, skip the big mac and burger king meals, etc and choose a healthy chicken salad instead.


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