How Fast Foods Are Causing Obesity In Ireland


Lets face it, there are very few places that offer healthy food to eat in Ireland.  And the reason why Irish kids are some of the fattest kids in Europe is because fast food is easily accessible.

After all we live in a fast paste world, it’s no wonder fast food makes so much sense and it tastes great. It makes sense that eating a big mac at McDonald’s satisfy’s your hunger more than a salad sandwich does.

Not only that, it’s because it’s highly available at an affordable price.

How Fast Foods Are Causing Obesity In Ireland

Kids eat this more than 3 times a week and they don’t realize that they are at risk of  developing diseases such as Asama, Hey fever or Eczema.

We have a difficult time ourselves trying to burn off the calories from eating junk food, so how much more difficult will it be for kids to lose weight? And who is responsible for all this, the advertisers, the parents? Don’t get me wrong, I love fast food and eat it once a week, but the reality is people don’t bother counting their calories and realize the damage they are doing to their bodies when they consume this sort of food.

There are more Fast Food Restaurants In Ireland Than Ever Before

Look around, there are literally more fast food restaurants in Ireland than ever before, McDonald’s ,Burger King,KFC,Eddie Rockets and the list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, fast food is yummy. The average Big Mac meal for example sums up to 1000 calories and that’s not including the little extra bits that comes with it (Ketchup,Barbeque sauce,Coke/Fanta) and burger king is around the same if you look into it.

Fast Food Obsession, Are You A Victim?

I don’t know if burger king are still offering the “King of the Day” Special offer, they basically offer a different burger from their menu every day of the week for the price of €2.79. Now that’s not a good example for your children is it?

obesity in ireland

Also it’s so much easier to order online nowadays whereas not so many years ago people would have to get into their cars and drive to the nearest takeaway. Now all they have to do is step outside their front door and there’s a 24 hour Ronald McDonald on their door step so to speak.  🙂

mcdonalds in front garden

Don’t be fooled by the shiny packaging that is available at any fast food restaurant or grocery store. Are you a victim to all the TV ads that you have seen over the years?

Or are you smart enough to realize that fast food is bad for you and doesn’t make you feel good after you are finished devouring it?  They are loaded with grease and make you feel sick. This might help you 🙂


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