Get The Perfect Body With This Crazy Ab and Cardio Workout

crazy ab and cardio workout

Wanna know how to lose weight and get six pack abs in a short amount of time?

Get the perfect body with this crazy ab and cardio workout and you’ll be looking and feeling better than you ever felt before.

These exercises are much better than regular crunches and sit-ups that a lot of people do, because of the level of intensity and the various abdominal exercises involved.

I’ve been doing this exercises for almost 2 years and had great success from it so I’m sure it will benefit you also.

There are lots of ab exercises online that you can and I’ve tried most of them. They’re all great but it’s important to stick to it if you want to get the results your after.

But what I love about this ab workout is that it’s fast, intense and works every area of your core and ab muscles.

For most of my ab exercises I use weights which include, dumb-bells, barbells and weighted plates.

That’s not all though. When you’re finished with your ab workout it’s time to jump on a treadmill or bike for High Intensity Interval Training.

Most likely, by the time you’re finished your ab workout you’ll be pretty tired but don’t worry you’ll only be on treadmill or bike for 15-20 max.

That’s not long compared to the lengths that people run on the treadmill. I see people run of over an hour.

The great thing about HIIT though is that you will burn way more calories than that person running on a treadmill for an hour.

Not just from the treadmill workout but from doing the ab workout also. So you get the best of both worlds. That’s why I call it a crazy ab workout. It’s definitely a killer ab workout at will burn the most fat in shortest amount of time

The reason why I started doing this type of ab and cardio workout was because I wanted fast results. Who doesn’t?

It has worked for me and i’m sure it will work for you to.

six pack abs

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There’s no denying it’s a tough workout but the results are well worth it.and you’ll be out of breath and sweating hard in the end.

keep hands to yourselfBut the great news is, in just a few short weeks you’ll be wanting to show off those six pack abs that it will make it difficult for people to keep their hands to themselves.

 You’ll feel great and look great naked too! Isn’t that just awesome?!

I suggest you time each ab exercise you’ll be doing, 30 seconds for each one. I use an interval timer to help keep my workout on track.

I recommend Gymboss Interval Timer. It’s comes in real handy when doing HIIT on a treadmill or outdoor sprints.

Get Your Interval Timer Here.

Before you begin make sure you warm up quickly. A couple of stretches will do.

Do The following Crazy Ab and Cardio Workout at 2-3 Times a week for best results

#1 hanging leg raises

8-10 Reps X3

This exercise takes time getting the hang of but if you find it difficult then I suggest you do rest your arms on the sides. This exercise works your lower ab muscles.

#2 Cable Cruches

10-20 Reps X3

#3 Ab Roller

10-12 Reps X3

If you gym does not have a ab roller or if you wan to do this exercise at home, get yourself  one. I got mine from Amazon, although i’m sure you can bet one from Argos or Lifestyle Sports.

#4 Weighted Crunch

10-12 Reps X3

#5 Plate Twist

10-12 Reps X3

treadmill-intervalsHigh Intensity Interval Training on Treadmill.

Once your finished it’s time to step onto a treadmill. You will be doing 6-8 high intensity intervals.

Run as fast as you can for 30 seconds at a high speed. 13km-16 km is a great start. Rest for 20 seconds and repeat.

By the time you have finished you should be out of breath and sweating pretty hard. Congratulations though…this entire workout is a winner, trust me! Just remember to have a healthy meal plan and avoid overeating.

If this workout sounds like something you are incapable of there is a program I recommend called Visual Impact Cardio by Rusty Moore, to get you use to training at high intensity. It’s more suited for people with a 10-15 percentage of body fat .

What this program does, is it is going to burn a ton of calories and really help you speed up your fat loss so quickly. Definitely go and check the program out.

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It’s pretty much about geared towards teaching you how to get as lean as possible. The program is also available for women.

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