Get Bigger and Stronger with Weighted Pull Ups, Dips and Push Ups

weighted pull ups and dips

Pull ups, dips and push ups are some of the best upper body exercises for building muscle and strength simultaneously.

What’s even more effective is that you can attach as much weight as you like to a weight belt and perform each of these exercises. This is a great way to really test how strong you think you are.

Doing bench press, squats or deadlift will not measure your overall strength unlike body-weighted exercises.

You hear people asking, “how much can you bench”? But it’s not often you hear them ask, how many weighted pull ups and dips can you do.

There is no doubt that weighted dips, pull ups and push ups are some of the greatest exercises in existence today.

My question to you is…

How many pull ups, dips or push ups are you able to do?

Pull ups

I remember as a teenager, I used to watch the lads doing pull ups on the goalpost at my local GAA field (Gaelic Athletic Association).

They’d laugh at me as I struggled to get my chin to reach the top of the goalpost.

goal post pullup

I always believed these lads were just naturally strong lads, but what I later realized was that you need to master your body weight before you can master any other strength exercise.

I have seen lots of pictures and videos on the internet of guys doing what’s called “The Human Flag” and it makes me think that I could never do it myself. Some of these guys make it look so damn easy to do.

jason statham doing the human flag

Jason Statham doing the human flag

I said the same thing about pull ups when I was a kid and today I have no trouble doing 10-15 reps.


If you are reading this and you are not able to do pull ups, dips or pushups, think again, “You can if you try and keep trying until eventually you CAN”. It’s as simple as that.

Benefits of doing weighted pull ups

Obviously the more weight that you attach to your body whilst performing pull ups, the bigger your back and biceps will get.

Once you learn to master your body weight, you will have gained enough strength to be able to do perform a ton of different body weight exercises.

Weighted Pull ups, Weighted Push ups and Weighted Dips

That leads me to this short little video that I made of me doing weighted pull ups, dips and pushups.

 I’m still trying to improve my strength on each of these exercises, but I have definitely come a long way.

Weighted Dips



Benefits of weighted dips

Dips are great for working the pushing muscles of the upper body so you are giving your chest, your shoulders and your triceps muscles.

Weighted Push ups

weighted pushup

Weighted Push ups are one of my favorite exercises. I do these whenever I train my chest. For some, it might seem difficult to get the weight on your upper back.

It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it. All you do is place a weight plate on the floor in front of your body. Next, grab the weight with both hands, then genitally place it over your upper back.

This video will show you how to correctly perform them.


If you haven’t’ already included these exercises in your workout routine, I suggest you start because not only will they help you gain more strength, you will also gain more muscle as a result. .

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