Forget Personal Trainers, Get An Experienced Workout Buddy

get an experienced workout buddy

Congrats for making the right choice to lose weight, get fit, build lean muscle and ideally get the perfect body you always wanted. So you decide to hire a professional fitness trainer instead of an experienced gym buddy to speed up the process towards achieving your goal.

But have your really made the right choice in hiring a personal fitness trainer?

I think this topic concerns a lot of people who are out of shape and are usually careful when choosing a personal trainer to coach them in their journey from flab to fab.

The sad fact is that people are willing to fork €25-€50 per hour on a personal trainer to coach them for a few weeks or months.

And some of these personal trainers are out of shape themselves. I’ve been a gym member for over 10 years now and I notice this quite a lot.

It still confuses as to how some of these so called “EXPERT fitness PERSONAL TRAINERS” get away with this.

I am not a personal trainer myself and you might be surprised by this. But if you are going to pay somebody a substantial amount of money then do your research before hand.

Find a personal trainer with several years experience, has a great physique, knows what they are talking about, and a long list of clients that they have helped get in great shape.

so-called personal trainerHow can any gym instructor/personal trainer sell themselves as professional fitness expert if they are flabby and out of shape themselves?

One day while I was at the gym, I saw a personal trainer that must have weighted 14 stone, training a newbie one-one-one.

I actually laughed because the other guy was tall, slim and was in better shape than the instructor was. Wheres it should have been the other way around.

As I watched on, the scene reminded me so much of a comedy I seen on TV a few years ago.

No nothing this funny but close

No, nothing this funny but close

Personal Trainers In Ireland

I’m from Ireland and have trained at a lot of gyms around the country and I’m surprised by some of the personal trainers that work at these gyms.

Some of my friends have hired personal trainers and have received nothing but ineffective workout routines and as a result made little to no gains.

What people need to understand is no matter how much you train or how effective your workout program is, if you don’t eat right you are less likely to get the results you want to achieve with your body.

A lot of instructors do not give their clients a nutritional diet plan that will ensure their weight loss or increase muscle mass.

It’s very important that a personal instructor provides this information to the client and to show genuine interest in their training, especially if they want them to come back again.

When you eat the right foods you are more likely to reach maximum gains from your workout.

Some of my mates are personal trainers themselves and they told me having a personal training certificate does not necessarily mean you are a professional trustworthy fitness expert. I totally agree.

personal trainerAll they had to do was have a good knowledge about nutrition, exercise and the human anatomy.

Don’t get me wrong there are personal trainers that are in fantastic shape that are genuinely interested in helping their clients to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

If you have a fitness goal, whatever that may be and your coming closer to reaching your goals you do not need to hire a personal trainer. Because if it’s working for you then great.

Why It’s Best To Get An Experienced Workout Buddy Instead

But if you have a goal to get lean, build muscle or even to get stronger, and what you have tried isn’t working then find somebody who has has the body you want and has really good knowledge of fitness and nutrition.

You will learn so much more from this person than you would from hiring a personal trainer who will typically coach you for maybe 1-2 months and by that time you would have probably spent a few hundred or a few thousand. What a waste!

Meeting My Work buddy For The First Time

When I first started out training bumped into a guy at the gym who was obviously in great shape. (Read Full Story Here)

Did he have a certification in personal training? Nope!

Did he know everything about diet and nutrition? Nope!

But he did know exactly how to lift weights, burn body fat, increase strength and stamina, what to eat to compliment muscle gain, what not to eat, etc.

Looking back, I have to say that I am very fortunate that I met somebody who knew exactly what I took to help me reach my fitness goals and get in the best shape of my life, period!

before and after

Yes it was hard work but it was definitely worth the journey.

So that been said, if you can get an experienced workout buddy who already has the physique and fitness your looking for, ask them to train with you.

If he or she is passionate about exercise and you have the attitude and motivation to workout then most likely they will teach you a few things.

If they don’t, don’t give up, keep looking. There is no one that will burn the most body fat in less time but If you can get an experienced workout buddy it will make the process more attainable. He can encourage you and he will also want someone to spot during difficult exercises. it will be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

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Good Luck!

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