Funny Excuses Irish People Make For Not Exercising

Funny Excuses Irish People Make For Not Exercising

Before I get into all the funny excuses Irish people make for not exercising, I’d like to talk about an article I read recently from The website that talks about why Irish people do less exercise than American’s. There is no real proof if that’s true but I’m not surprised if it is judging by the number of fast food outlets throughout Ireland.

Research shows that Ireland is the 7th worst country in the world for exercise. And according to the report 53.2% of us Irish people don’t do enough exercise compared to the 40% of Americans.

irish people workout less than american people

Although it’s understandable that it can be difficult to incorporate physical activity into you your daily life if you have a busy work schedule or there might be other reasons why that 53.3% don’t get enough exercise. Could this be the reason why fast foods are causing obesity in Ireland? Who knows, right?

But the reality is when people say they don’t have time for exercise their well able to make time for TV and Internet.  Most of us know that talking regular exercise is great for your health, but even though we know this most of us are smart enough to overcome procrastination using a few simple techniques.

You’d be surprised that some people are too embarrassed to exercise because they have a fear of been judged or made fun of, or because they feel they are too old, takes too much effort and commitment or it doesn’t feel enjoyable.

I’ve talked to quite a lot of Irish people over the years about whether or not they exercise or go to the gym and got some funny answers along the way.

Now for all the…

Funny Excuses Irish People Make For Not Exercising

no time for the gym

Well the reason why your tired is because your not working out!

too close to xmas

Well if you exercise now you will feel so much happier and healthier over the Xmas.

I ran out of protein

That’s okay, just eat more chicken fillets, eggs and tuna and your good to go! Then when you have the money you can buy more protein.

I can't workout because my phones always ringing

Eh, okay so leave it in your locker

I never get results from exercise

You never get results because you need patience and need to workout consistently

too hard to stay focused

No excuses, that booty should keep you motivated

my husband keeps me awake all night

Okay so just workout at home

ah sure i'm not fit like you

Well you could be if you made  a bit of an afford to get fit

I don't like exercise, it's too boring

You probably don’t like exercise but you probably don’t like been a wimp either.

few jars after work

Drink protein shakes and instead of going to the pub go the gym fatty

i'm pregant no point in exercise

 Okay cool, go to the gym and ask the instructor to put you on a  pregnancy workout


I'm too busy i'll do it tomorrow

“Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today”. you probably don’t have an hour to workout but you definitely have 15 or 20 mins, so stop making excuses!

Yea I know i should but

Sushhhh with the excuses and get off your butt!

nothing left of me

Well eat more and pump some iron so you can beef up those scrawny little biceps.

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