6 Exercises to get Ripped Abs (with photos)

Ripped abs

I have already written quite a good few posts on this topic, but this one is more of a picture and video tutorial to demonstrate the exercises.

It’s much better to train your entire core, unlike what most people do when they train abs, basic crunches sit-ups, ab machine…

I do mostly weighted ab exercises that involve dumbbells, weight plates and cable machines. 

It doesn’t matter how many sets or reps you do when you train your core, you obviously need to have low body fat that’s why a clean diet and cardio is important.

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Below are 6 exercises to get ripped abs that I do at the gym or at home (giving you have the right equipment).

Hanging Leg Raise

hanging leg raises

I’m still trying to improve my form when I am doing hanging leg raises. To get good at them I suggest starting out with regular knee raises until you can fully extend legs straight up.

Kneeling Cable Crunches

cable crunch

Cable Crunches is probably the number one exercise in my ab routine. This is one of the few exercises that I do recommend rounding your back lower back each time you crunch down. I always use a rope attachment when performing this exercise.

Russian Twists

weight russian twists

Doing Russian Twists at home

In this video I use a medicine ball to do Russian Twists. This is a 6kg medicine ball with handles. It only cost me about €15.  I definitely recommend getting one, as you can do multiple exercises with it.

 Medicine Ball V- Ups (at gym)

medicine ball v ups


Medicine Ball V-Ups (at home)

Planks (with weight plate on back)

weighted planks

I love doing weighted planks. I know it might seem difficult for a lot of people to do. That’s why you should start with doing regular planks before adding weight.

A simple and effective way to do weighted planks is to add as little weight as 2.5 kgs and hold for 30 seconds.

The following week, try to hold for 45 seconds until eventually your up to a minute, then you can slowly add more weight.

Try to work your way up to 2.5kgs-10kg increments. Weighted planks are great for strengthening your core muscles and will even improve core stabilization on heavy lifts such as squats and deadlifts.

45 Degree Weighted Side Oblique Extension (at gym)

weighted oblique extension

I made a lot of mistakes with my diet and training for many years and was frustrated that I could not achieve the kind of physique other guys could.

You learn to make little tweaks here and there and that’s what makes the difference, you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym just to get in good shape.

I can do it and I believe you can too. I never had good genetics when I was younger and he’s a photo to prove it.

abs before and after

So don’t give up, learn how to do the exercises properly, then once you love what you see in the mirror, you will never want to go back to the old you. These are probably the most effective ab exercises for getting a shredded core. So I highly recommend you do them.

Here is a video I made not so long ago that teaches some of these ab exercises. Check it out below:


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