Eating Tips To Get You 6 Pack Abs Fast!

six pack absI want to share with you some eating tips to get you six pack ABS fast. I also want to share with you why Cardio is important as part of your diet and workout program.I can’t count people asking me how do I get ripped ABS.

I am going to give you some mental advice on things you can use to help make the decisions you need to get the results you want because a lot of the times people ask me questions and they already know the answers and so they are just having difficulty making the decision for themselves.

For example I have people asking me if they can drink alcohol on the weekends, I say sure you can drink alcohol on the weekends, why shouldn’t you?

But you need to ask yourself this question, “will drinking alcohol get you closer to your goals or further from your goals”? Be responsible for your decision and move forward.

The next word of advice I want to give you guys on getting ripped ABS is that Cardio is not dead. Don’t believe in fitness guru’s who tell you that you don’t need to do any Cardio to lose body fat. Sure you might be able to incorporate a high intense weight gaining program for three to four months and drop thirty pounds but if you want to get ripped up as you have got to pay attention to what you’re eating and how much Cardio you do. If you’re a guy, I’m talking 5 or 6 percent body fat and female’s I’m talking 11 to 12 % body fat, I’m talking about the lowest of lows, you need to do Cardio.

Any fitness model or bodybuilder do what I’m about to tell you.  But much differently as opposed to do making outrageous amounts to 2 hours a day. As they focus on training harder. As to focus on getting more out of your workout. Think about it!

You can train at a high intensity, you will burn a higher percentage of calories and it will be a greater percentage of fat so instead of going for a steady 60 minute walk, try and go for a hard 30 minute walk.

Last piece of advice I want to give you guys on getting ripped ABS is you need to start elimination your sugars, so obviously that means, biscuits, sweets, donuts, chocolate. That’s stuff has got to go. And it all depends to on where you are starting. If you’re starting at rock bottom, you are a complete beginner, I’m not going to tell you to go from eating two chocolate bars a day to zero chocolate bars a day. Your progression might be to go to two bars a day to one and a half. Then to one, the a half and eventually none. Then think of elimination your sugars in a gradual progressive fashion just like you would with your training program.




So think of one sugar you could eliminate right now, maybe it’s ice-cream before going to bed , So for the next week I want you to eliminate just the ice-cream . The following week you might eliminate the juices in your diet. The week after you might focus on eliminating all the dairy in your diet. It’s all a step by step process to take it right down to your six pack. I’m making your life as easy as possible, you got to do the work cause I’m giving you advice so best of luck in your journey to getting ripped.

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