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the fat burning kitchen review

The Fat Burning Kitchen By Mike Geary Review

About a year ago, I read Mike Geary’s Fat Burning Kitchen and was very impressed by the information contained in this book. His book had a positive influence on my diet, which lead to healthier eating habits and a ton of other amazing benefits which I will run through in this review.Fat Burning Kitchen ReviewFat burning […]

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Should I Take Creatine For Building Muscle?

Have you ever asked yourself “should I take creatine?” Apart from protein shakes, Creatine — pronounced cree-ate-een, in case you didn’t know! — is quite probably the world’s most used supplement. But despite it being widely available, there’s still loads of confusion surrounding the stuff. How long should you take it for? WHEN should you […]

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visual impact cardio

Rusty Moore Visual Impact Cardio Review

There are only so many great books on Cardio but one of the best programs I stumbled across was, “Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Cardio”. I’ve been a huge fan of rusty moore’s blog for a few years now and decided to buy his program to see if it was as good as everyone said it […]

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burn the fat feed the muscle book

Review of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Welcome to my review of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle. This diet and fitness program has been out for more than 10 years now, but has been revised and updated and is available in eBook, Hardcover, Paperback and Audio CD. This tested and proven to work and nutrition pan that has been helped more […]

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