The “Can’t Lose” Way to Get Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

People often ask me why I spend a lot of time and effort eating healthy, why get ripped? Why deprive myself of tasty foods when one day my body will get old, wrinkled and eventually die?

Why do I make all these sacrifices…..

Do I do it to get attention from women? For health reasons? Do I do it because I want to compete in body-building competitions?

My answer is always the same…I love lifting weights, I love going to the gym, I love getting myself in the best shape I could possibly imagine. I love competing!

This is no difference to why every professional athlete do what they do. It’s because they are passionate and it’s what they have been cut out to do for the rest of their lives.

It’s the very same for every person who devotes their time to something they love, for example, why do writers love to write, why do golfers play golf, why do marathon runners run long distances? Why do singers sing?

The list goes on and on…..

Anybody who dedicates their life to something means that they are following their density. It’s what they are put on earth to do.

How I Discovered My Passion For Bodybuilding

I discovered my passion for bodybuilding at a very early age, even before I ever stepped foot into a gym. I was sixteen years old when my brother in law introduced me to weight lifting. I remember visiting my sister a few times per week and hearing the sounds of weights rattling and my brother in law making grunting sounds in the room above me.

I was always curious and wanted to ask me about it. So I did, and he invited me up to watch him train.. I watched him curl a set of 20 kgs dumbbells and a 50 kg barbell.

I was impressed so of course he passed the bar over to me and told me to do 8-10 reps. So I did. I remember waking up the next morning and my arms were in agony. I couldn’t even bend them without feeling pain.

That was just the beginning of my weight lifting journey.

My Training Partner

It didn’t get serious into it until I joined the local gym and that’s when I met my old training partner Chris who taught me all the basics to building muscle.

One day Christ took me into an old gym where a lot of hardcore bodybuilders trained. A lot of the equipment was rusty but at the same time it was fully equipped with all the necessary free-weights, machines.

There was a large poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the wall, looking big and ripped.

After seeing that I was inspired, and excited at the same time. I imagined how hard he worked to get in that shape. The sacrifices he made. I wanted a physique just like that.

I spent the next could of years reading bodybuilding magazines and learning as much as I could about the sport.

On top of that I continued training with Chris and always looked forward to my next workout. No matter what it was, I showed up and rarely ever missed a days’ training.

So why put your body through all that pain and sacrifice in order to attain an amazing physique that stands out from the crowd?

The answer is pretty simple…

I would go so far as to say that I must do it or my life will be incomplete.

Eliminate Self-Doubt

You never hear the most highly motivated bodybuilders say things like, it would be nice to gain more muscle or strength but it’s ok if I don’t.

That’s the problem most guys who want to get in shape keep making. They want to transform their bodies but their not willing to put the necessary work in to make it a reality.

This is similar to anybody who wants to get wealthy but aren’t willing to work hard and take risks.

When someone has a strong desire to do something and they take action everyday, the universe gets out of the way and gives them exactly what they want.

It’s as simple as asking yourself, how bad do you want it and what are you willing to do to achieve it? If you don’t know how, but keep trying despite any obstacles that get in your way, eventually you’ll get there in the end.

Okay, I might be going a bit off topic here but I hope you get what I saying.

How Bad Do You Want it?

When you devote a lot of your time and energy to something you want on a consistent basis, despite difficulties you face, the payoff is worth it.

The same is true that if you don’t go after what you are destined to achieve, the pain of not pursuing it will be far greater.

If you do put the effort in, you will never really know what you might have achieve from it.

If you merely just go about your day to day life doing only what you’re used to doing, then you will never truly be satisfied. You will just walk around feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Isn’t that what most people really want to experience?

I don’t think so! We are all here to live a full and happy life. To grow and to fully express our potential.

If you have a burning desire to get bigger, stronger and get the kind of physique that turns heads, then welcome on board…you are definitely on the right path.

When you have a strong desire to get in great shape, it’s easy to get motivated to workout or eat healthy. So when it comes time to hit the gym, you just show up. That’s because you enjoy working out, the pain, the sweat everything.

Some people haven’t figured out what they are cut out for. But trust me, everyone has greatness within just waiting to come out. You don’t have to become a body-builder…it can be anything as long as you have an interest in it.

Discover Your Life’s Purpose

I really liked the Ted Talk Speech by Adam Leipzig where he talks about “How to find your life’s purpose in 5 minutes”. That video has over 10 million views on Youtube. If you are not sure what you’re cut out to do in life then I highly suggest watching his video.

You will know exactly what your life’s purpose is when you pay close attention to that inner voice in your head. It’s always trying to tell you.

Once you realize your full potential you know you are on the right track. If you want to be a pro bodybuilder, then great.

If you have been working out for a few years then it’s easy to believe you will spend the next 10 years or more improving your body and competing for titles like Mr Olympia.

When I was a teenager I had people tell me I was weak, skinny and treated me like a wimp. I was bullied at school and picked on my the bigger boys.

It all changed when I found my passion for bodybuilding and transformed my physique.

drug free bodybuilding

Those same guys who used to pick and make fun of me, ended up respecting me.

Never let anyone belittle your confidence and make you doubt your abilities.

Know what you want, know how to get there and never give up. No matter how big your goals seem to be, always have the courage to pursue them anyway.

It’s never too late my friend…

Imagine yourself 5 years from now in a place where you feel completely proud of yourself. You worked hard to get there.

Don’t do anything to please anybody else but yourself, this is your life. You will never grow if you allow other people to make your decisions for you. Do what’s best for you.

There will always be people who want to see you fail. That’s because so many people are filled with self-doubt, because they themselves never made the effort or quit when something didn’t work out for them.

So go out there and turn your dreams into a reality.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Please leave your comments below. Thanks!

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