Build Huge Guns with this Killer Biceps and Triceps Workout

biceps and triceps workout

Looking for a biceps and triceps workout routine to help turn those guns into cannons? If so, you have come to the right place.

Most guys would love to know how to add size and thickness to their arms. This seems to be a struggle to achieve.  Not anymore, I’ll give you the exact biceps and triceps exercises that I do each week.

I know guys that train arms more than once a week, but let me tell you it’s a complete waist of time and energy. With the right exercises, you only need to train them once a week, period!!

In this article I want to share some of my favorite biceps and triceps workout routines for building size, strength and definition.

If you have big arms it’s much easier to show off than any other body part. Also, it’s not so bad if your arms are bigger in proportion to the rest of your body. You will still look good so long as you don’t resemble pop-eye.

pop eye

Not only do we want to look good, we want to feel good as well.

There are many reason’s why men want to build big arms and here are just a few reasons that I know from experience and from searching the internet.

Reasons Men Want Big Arms

  • To look good in a T-shirt
  • Chicks dig big arms
  • Indicator of strength
  • Easier to show off

I know I don’t have the biggest, most defined arms but I have always received compliments from men and women, which is why I am happy to share my bicep and tricep workout with you.

My love for weightlifting started over eleven years ago and it has quickly become a passion for me.

Even though I have never competed on stage before I have made plans to compete at the Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland later in the year, so look forward to that.

Note: I do not train biceps & biceps on the same day. For example, do chest and triceps one day, then back and biceps another day.

Before beginning the main exercises, you should warm up first. You can do this by doing push-ups, lifting light weights or doing pull-ups.

Rest 30-60 seconds between each set. For me, the less rest I take the more I can shock the muscles and stimulate muscle growth.

When you do these exercises, don’t just go through the motion, concentrate on the movement.

Also, here is what the godfather of bodybuiding “Arnold Schwarzenegger” said in his blueprint interview.

Guys have trained with me four or five hours a day, but they looked like shit! Why do they look like shit? It’s Because they didn’t concentrate. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

I couldn’t agree more!

…But not so sure I would agree with “The Pump” being more satisfying than sex. Some of you should find this video hilarious.

I know I don’t have the biggest and most defined arms, I don’t care! I’m a big believer of eating real food. So instead of depending on protein supplements, I try to make sure I eat enough chicken, steak, eggs, and tuna.

You should always make sure you never skip breakfast. One of my favorite breakfast meals is a high protein low carb chicken and egg omelette. It gives me all the cabs, fats and protein first thing in the morning.

Because, remember your body sleeps for 6-8 hours every night, so you gotta give it what it needs to help build and repair muscle tissue.

I have never taken steroids, it’s all natural. I eat clean (the majority of the time) and I train mean (the majority of the time).

You can say that I am genetically gifted or you can agree that I put in the hard graft to build my arms.

[Tweet “Thinking of my biceps as mountains made my arms grow bigger than if I seen them as muscles” – Arnold Schwarzenegger”]

So, eating clean high protein and cabs will help you reach your goals much faster.

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All that really matters is that I am completely focused on every exercise I do to a point where I don’t allow any distractions. So if the hottest girl in the gym walks by me, I stay focused on my workout. I can check her out after I’m done.

So if you have ever wondered why you find it hard to grow your arms, there are several reasons.

Common Reasons You’re Not Gaining Size In Your Arms

1. You don’t eat enough protein
2. You’re not doing the exercises properly
3. You do way too much cardio
4. You don’t have a training partner to push you
5. You keep doing the same exercises for weeks, months and years.
6. You rest for way too long between each set
7. Your workout is not intense enough
8. You don’t lift heavy weight

So every time you see a guy with huge arms, it’s not because he is genetically gifted, no! It’s because he worked his butt off week in and week out to turn those guns into cannons.

And you can do the same too and it doesn’t necessarily need to be the same biceps and triceps routine that I do. As long as you are serious about gaining muscle and size, then do it, go all out. There is nothing or anything that can stop you.

So put the work in and you will get the results you want. If you are a beginner, I suggest starting off with light weights then gradually increasing them each week.

Here is my current bicep and tricep workout. If you just incorporate a few of these exercises into your routine you will get good results.


Standing Barbell Curls – 4 sets (10-12 reps)

barbell curls


Dumbbell hammer curls – 2 sets ( 10-12 reps) – Superset with alternate curls

dumbbell hammer curls

Alternate dumbbell curls – 2 sets (10-12 reps) – Superset with hammer curls

alternate dumbbell curl

Ez Preacher curls – 4 sets (8-10 reps)

preacher curls

Standing cable curls (with rope) – 3 sets ( 10-12 reps)



Skull crushers with EZ bar – 4 Sets (10-12 reps)

skull crushers

Cable overhead tricep extension – 3 sets (10-12 reps)

over head rope extension

Cable Triceps pushdown – 3 sets (10-12 reps)


Weighted Dips (hold dumbbell securely between your ankles) – 3 sets (10-12 reps)


Standing dumbbell triceps extension – 3 sets (10-12 reps)

standing dumbell tricpes extension

Also feel free to try out these arms exercises below. The most important thing is to stay consistent and focus on strictness each time you lift.

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biceps and triceps workout


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