Best Exercise To Burn Fat And Maintain Muscle

best exercise to burn fat and maintain muscle

Speaking from personal experience, the absolute best exercise to burn fat and maintain muscle is sprinting.

Jogging continuously for long distances often wears down muscle mass attained through strength training at the gym and does less to enhance the physique whereas concentrated sprinting helps to eliminate body fat more effectively while maintaining healthy muscle growth.

My exercise regime used to be limited strictly to weight lifting and strength training complemented by a protein and carbohydrate rich diet.

I continued on this path for around two years without any regular cardiovascular exercise mixed in to the routine. As a result, I began to look big and muscular which was not what I wanted to achieve.

I began to combine jogging with weight lifting and as a result I lost a lot of body fat and muscle mass.

I wasn’t satisfied with how thin I looked, although I did look lean but I wanted wanted a bit more size and muscle mass without looking bulky. The running and jogging wasn’t helping me to achieve this so I later learned that sprinting was the way to go.

As a result of running - 2010

As a result of running – 2010

I gave up running and now substitute it for “sprinting” instead.

If you look at the physiques of sprinters and runners, sprinters are more muscular, healthier and actually look better than runners do.

And the great thing about sprinters is they get the best of both worlds, they carry very little body fat and look lean and muscular at the same time.

Isn’t that what a lot of guys who are into bodybuilding wish to achieve?

After an intensive weight training session I try to get out and sprint for at least  twenty minutes twice a week.

Sprint to build muscle

As a result of sprint and weight training – 2012

I warm up for five minutes and then sprint at full speed for about eight seconds.
I do eight to ten repetitions and rest for 10-15 seconds after each sprint.

It’s a tough exercise at first but there is no doubt that it is a killer exercise, will help you burn huge amounts of calories, kill stress and keep your metabolism flying for days.
So I have quit running altogether and have replaced it with sprinting.

I use to run 3 days per week on the days I wasn’t weight lifting at the gym now I only have to “1-2 days for as little as 20 minutes each time without losing any of the hard-earned muscles I got from the gym.

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