A Simple Proven Way to Get Rid of Body Fat Fast

get rid of body fat

Lately, I have been receiving all kinds of questions from guys struggling to lose weight or get rid of those dreaded man boobs.

Well in this article, I am going o share with you a little known “Proven way to get rid of body fat fast“.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to look their best and feel fit and healthy.

The biggest problem in today’s’ society is not the weight they have put on—it is the many ineffective and commercialized techniques that include supplements, fat loss pills and other unorthodox weight loss methods that never really seem to deliver the results they promise.

Trust me when I say these methods never work because I was there once and tried them all.

Over the years I struggled to lose as little as one pound of body fat, so I know exactly how annoying and frustrating it can be.

I worked out intensely for years, hoping to build muscle mass and get super shredded but all of those fat loss gimicks failed to get me the results I really wanted.

weight loss gimmicks

I wasted so much money on all kinds of weight loss supplements and diet pills. I’ve even tried those “Slender-tone Ab Belts”, which didn’t work either.

I just wanted to lose that extra bit of weight and get ripped abs just like the guys embracing the cover of muscle and fitness magazine.

muscle and-fitness magazine

The Biggest Mistake I Made

When I relied on traditional workouts to burn fat, I used to do 2 to 3 high intensity cardio workouts per week and lifted weights almost every day. These exercises used to drain me so much that I concluded there has to be a better and more sustainable way to achieve my fitness goals.

I used to indulge in all kinds of processed food because eating healthy food did not appeal to me at the time.

eliminate processed food

My mindset was: “As long as I worked my ass off at the gym, eventually I will reach my ideal body, naturally.”

Boy, was I wrong!

I did a lot of research on exercising, health, and nutrition just as I was on the verge of giving up and came across something that completely changed my life and gave me the exact guide I need to get the body I always wanted.

In fact, this is what helped transform my physique and made me feel  a whole lot better than I did before.

If you follow me on Facebook and have been reading the rest of my blog posts, I am sure you have noticed the progress Io have made over the past couple of years.

The greatest advice I can give anyone seeking to replicate my success is:

It’s all about what you eat. Your choice of food greatly impacts your mood, skin, and overall health.

Excellent Fat Burning Foods

excellent fat burning foods

To be brutally honest, the first rule you must abide by if you are seeking to lose weight, get the body you want, and feel great about yourself is to cut out bad carbs and sugar from your diet.

You might be thinking, “There is no chance in hell I would be able to do that“.

When I first heard of this rule, I was skeptical as to how it is possible to lose weight by cutting out wheat and sugar products from your diet in order to lose weight quickly.

But then, I heard some amazing stories of how people had achieved their weight loss objectives by doing this, I was open to experimenting with it for a few weeks.

After all, I thought, “I got nothing to lose by trying” and if it doesn’t help me burn off those extra few pounds I can return to my old eating habits again.

This turned out to be a turning point in my life.

The dietary change wasn’t easy at first. The first few days were the most difficult because I had a serious craving for sugar, sweets, cereals, and bread.

Considering that these are the foods I have eaten my entire life, giving them up, even for a week, was an uphill battle.

I did manage to completely eliminate processed foods and sugars from my diet and within two weeks I began to experience a total body transformation.

before and after

I went from weighing 189 lbs down to 171 lbs. So I lost 18 lbs in total. Since I started eating clean, I began to notice my muscles were beginning to look more defined.

All it takes is a dietary change!

Today, I feel great! I feel a lot healthier, fitter and stronger than I ever did before! People compliment me all the time and ask me for advice. Life has never been better!

I have competed in my first bodybuilding competition last year and it was one of the best feeling I’ve ever had.

I know I can do better, so I have set even bigger goals for myself this year and in the future.

If you are still searching for effective ways to get ripped, you need to start by making a few simple dietary changes.

After being blown away by the results I’ve achieved, I no longer needed to over train with crazy ab and cardio workouts as often as I used to.

So now I only need to workout 4 days a week, instead of everyday of the week, which is way too much for the average person.

I know people who go to the gym every day for several years and they are still out of shape. Why? Because, what they think they might be eating is healthy, actually isn’t! It’s either that or they have no intention of giving up their favorite junk food.

If you want to lose belly fat and get rid of those man boobs, then clean up your diet by cutting out bad inflammatory foods that cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

The worst foods you should eliminate from your diet include:

  • Bread (more specifically wheat)
  • Cereal
  • Pasta
  • All wheat products including whole grains

If you find it hard to eliminate them completely, then at least reduce the amount you eat in a week.

Discover which other bad foods you need to eliminate from your diet in this insightful article put together by Mike Guery.

Cutting out processed and sugary foods from your diet and instead eat more organic lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, oats, and brown rice is the first step to achieving your goals of being and feeling like a brand new person.

It is not going to be easy, especially if you have to give up the foods you eaten your entire life. You may relapse now and then, I did too, but you have to put up a brave fight.

What do you need to do?

Give this trick a try for just 30 days and I guarantee that at the end of the trial period, you will look and feel like a brand you person.

If you are serious about getting rid of unwanted body fat, I recommend you check out the Fat Loss Kitchen.

The Fat loss Kitchen is a simplified and proven program that contains all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to achieve the weight loss results you want.

Click here to read this informative article by Mike Guery 

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