7 Reasons Why Women Who Want A Bikini Body Should Start Lifting Weights

I think that it’s great that women’s bodybuilding revolution has been building momentum over the past few years. There are more and more women pumping iron and looking stronger, better and leaner than ever before.

But there are still plenty of women who avoid the weights area in fear of getting muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Leave that for us guys. Besides, that would never happen and you don’t even have to worry about packing on huge muscle mass either unless you take steroids.

If anything lifting weights will make you look learner, stronger, and more toned?

You will also improve your body symmetry. Do you want to say good bye to unwanted fat and those annoying love-handles and get your body whipped into shape just in time for bikini season? If so, then you’ll want to take a look at these seven awesome reasons to lift weights. We’ll start with…

Reason Number 1: Lifting weights can cut your workout by more than half!

This is a really good way to get toned, because you get a much longer after-burn! All you have to do is lift weights for about twenty minutes (as opposed to the hour you would have to spend on the treadmill) and you’ll get a huge boost in your metabolism. Next up…

Reason Number 2: Lifting weights will help you Improve Your Focus and  and get the most out of your workout

Many women spend all of their time on the treadmill or the elliptical at the gym, because they don’t know they’ll get a better result if they lift dumbbells. For example, when women are on the treadmill, they tend to zone out and not focus on the exercise. Lifting dumbbells is something you have to focus on because you have to pay attention to your tempo, rep count, and breathing.

Reason Number 3: You will burn more calories!

The after-burn of a full-body weight lifting workout is a whopping forty hours long. This means that your metabolism will be fired up for a lot longer than if you just implemented a cardio workout. Just be careful to continue to stimulate muscle fatigue, if you are using lighter weights. You won’t instigate muscle tear and repair, the powerhouse behind this metabolism boost, if you aren’t challenging yourself.

Reason Number 4: You will achieve better body symmetry.

Too many women have really strong legs, but their upper body is weak. With weight training, you build muscle evenly over your entire body, not just your legs as you might with cardio. This results in an overall healthier and stronger body that works better, feels better, and looks better.

Reason Number 5: You will trade your fat content for muscle mass.

No, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to bulk up and become a body builder. You’ll remain the same size you are now, because your testosterone levels are low, but you will develop a leaner, more toned body.

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Reason Number 6: Weight training can increase your heart rate more than cardio.

When you add weight training to your routine, you can increase your BPM by sixty to seventy percent, which can result in a lower chance of cardiovascular disease. It even makes your bones stronger!

Reason Number 7: Weight lifting can help you prevent future injuries.

When you lift weights, your muscles become much stronger (obviously), but a little known benefit to this is the decreased chance of injury in every day life. Since your muscles have been trained and strengthened daily, you are much less likely to sustain a twisted ankle or a pulled ligament during routine activities.

It feels really good when you’re finally able to shape your body without spending hours in the gym every day. That’s why you’ll want to start weight training today, because lifting weights is the most efficient method of burning fat and building toned muscle.

You’ll notice a boost in your metabolism after just three days of lifting weights, while muscle tone will begin to show in as little as a month! But don’t take my word for it – try it out to see for yourself!


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