7 Day Extreme Diet Plan To Burn Fat and Get Ripped (Day 1)

I have just got back from a 2 week break in Turkey and decided to start a 7 day extreme diet and fitness plan after pigging out at restaurants everyday and enjoy ice-cream waffles at the pool. I have decided to train like a demon at the gym for 5 days so I can get rid of the weight I gained and look as good as I did when I arrived to Turkey.

extreme diet

















All I’ll be eating is cauliflower and drinking 3-4 protein shakes a day.

7 day diet plan












Bench Press – 5 sets @ 80kgs (5 reps)

Incline Bench Press – 3 sets @ 30kgs ( 6 reps)

Weighted Pushups – 3 Sets @ 20kgs ( 10 reps)


Weighted Crunches and Situps

Cable Crunches

Twist and Crunch


Interval Training done on Treadmill

10 (30 Second Intervals) – 15 Second Rest Period

After my trip to Turkey I gained weight (not much) but my goal at the end of 7 days is to look as good as the photo above. I’ve told my mates about this diet and they said i’d be pissing out of my ass but let’s experiment and see how it effects my mind and my body. Lets do this!

day 1

day 1 - side








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