4 Foods That Every Serious Bodybuilder Should Avoid

4 foods that every serious bodybuilder should avoidIf you have failed to build a strong, muscular and ripped body, then I’d like to share with you 4 foods that every serious bodybuilder should avoid eating. If you make a decision to follow these tips, you will have have the perfect body  by summer.

If your goal is to build a lean muscular physique that will make you look like a greek god, then one of the things you need to do besides pumping iron is cut out all the junk from your diet.

For most guys, this is one of the hardest things to do.

If you are willing to make sacrifices to reach your goals, then the entire process will be achievable.

My experience giving up certain foods

A few years ago (before I ever decided to compete),  I didn’t care about the food I eat. I was conditioned to believe as long as I ate often and trained often,

I would build muscle. And that’s what happened. But I still wasn’t happy with the results. I was too bulky, had a belly and I just wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to look like the guys in the muscle mags -“Muscular with ripped abs”.

I proceeded to learn more about nutrition and came up with a diet plan that cut out all the “bad stuff”. After just a few weeks on my new healthy diet, I had never felt better and I could work out even harder than before!

Results in terms of my appearance soon followed and I have never looked back.

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If you want similar results, then below are foods you need to cut out of your diet.

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4 Foods Every Serious Bodybuilder Should Avoid Eating


We all love sugar but unfortunately, sugar does not love us! Sugar will give you an energy boost but that will only be temporary and there is no nutritional value.

The body turns sugar that cannot be processed into fat, which is not going to go in your favor when you are trying to get that defined look.

The main types of food laden with sugar that you need to avoid include candy, cakes, cookies and breakfast cereals. This was a particularly tough one to give up for me but trust me, it will be worth it.


It might taste good spread on bread but all butter is just pure saturated fat. As a fitness fiend, saturated fat is your number one enemy!

In addition to plain butter, snacks like buttered popcorn should be eliminated from your diet if you want the body you have always wanted. Find alternatives that taste just as good to you but don’t have any of the drawbacks.


Although wheat is promoted as a healthy food, the wheat that we buy nowadays is definitely not. It has been proven that the wheat available now has been linked to obesity problems.

Filling your body with bread and pasta might give you energy but it will also see you put on a lot of body fat, which as a bodybuilder – you should be trying to get rid of.

Some healthy alternatives that you can try to these naughty carbs include whole grains and boiled or baked potatoes.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

This ingredient is found in some more products that you are not even aware of and you need to stop consuming it. These include fruit juice drinks, meat glazes, tomato ketchup, baked beans in cottage cheese.

High fructose corn syrup is basically sugar that your body finds almost impossible to process, therefore turning it into fat.
As a bodybuilder, lean protein like fish and chicken is awesome to eat but avoid fatty meats like steak, chops, hot dogs, bacon and sausages.

Although fatty meat also contains protein and will give you energy, it also holds tons of saturated fat. They are fine for a cheat meal now and again but if you eat them regularly, you will struggle to lose that annoying body fat.


I think you can see that to have the best chance of being in the best shape of your life, all you need to do now is eat right and follow an intense training routine for optimum results.

Once you cut out processed foods and start eating things that you know are good for you, you will notice a huge shift in your appearance as well as your health.

Sugar is the main cause of obesity so avoid the temptation and make healthy eating apart of your lifestyle.

Once you give up sugar for a certain amount of time, you will not even crave it anymore so it is 100% worth doing. It took me about three weeks to completely remove all sugary foods from my diet.

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