20 Benefits of Deadlifts You Probably Never Knew

benefits of deadlifts

Without question, deadlifts are one of my favorite compound exercises after the squat. Before I share the top 20 benefits of deadlifts, in case you don’t know, deadlifts are a weightlifting exercise which involves lifting a bar of weights off the ground.

Deadlifts will help increase your overall strength and build lean muscle mass unlike any other exercise. All you need is a standard Olympic bar and the appropriate weights for your body size and you are good to go.

Some people are afraid to do deadlifts in case they get injured. You will only get injured if you don’t know how to perform the exercise safely. Like any exercise, if your form and technique is bad you’re going to injure yourself eventually.

There are several variations of the deadlift, but I prefer just regular conventional deadlift as I find it more beneficial, also, I’ve been doing it for years now.

Other Deadlift Variations Include:

  1. Rack Pulls
  2. Sumo Deadlift
  3. Romanian Deadlift
  4. Trap Bar Deadlift
  5. Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts

I personally don’t do any of the above deadlift variations, but are more suited for different people based on their goals, especially if they are just learning to improve their form or lack mobility to pull the bar safely off the floor.

How often should you deadlift?

I do deadlifts once  a week when I do my back and biceps workout in the same day. I usually start off every back workout doing deadlifts because it’s the only exercise that requires more effort than any other back exercise I do. So, after deadlifts, it’s, barbell rows, pullups ect.

Some people like to deadlift 2-3 times a week because they are not pushed to their maximum limit, therefore they are able to recover faster.

Deadlifting is popular among athletes and non-athletes alike and it’s never too late to start. So, there is no excuse!

91-Year-Old Weightlifter Performs 130kg Deadlift by storyfulviral

Here are 20 benefits of deadlifts which you probably did not know existed.

1. Fat burner

For anyone who would like to lose extra pounds, deadlifts can come in very handy. Deadlifts facilitate the rapid burning of body fat and it complements dieting and aerobic exercises. Some experts say believe that with deadlifts alone, one can burn more pounds of fat than they would while dieting

2. Muscle Workout

Deadlifting is the best workout for those who would love to exercise as many muscles as they can. What most people do not know is that deadlifts engage all the major groups of muscles of the body. Not only do deadlifts work out the upper body, but also the lower body and the muscles of your back. If you have no time to do many exercise routines, this one will suffice.

3. Improves Posture and Stability

If you have problems standing or sitting upright, you should try deadlifting. The idea behind deadlifting is to enhance core stability and strength. Regular deadlifting can help you achieve the appropriate posture, even when doing other activities.

4. Improves Grip Strength

What most people do not know is that when they perform deadlifts they actually work out their finger muscles. The forearm is exercised as well, but the fingers are relied on to hold the weight in place. With time, you will increase your grip strength, something which may come in handy when you have a task that requires you to hold onto something for long.

5. Makes Real Life Lifting Easier

When you do deadlifts over time, you will realize that lifting things become easier and effortless. Unlike a bench press, which requires you to lie on your back and push things upwards, deadlifts are more realistic since nobody really pushes items in the air on a daily basis. On the other hand, people lift items off the ground or from other surfaces on a daily basis.

6. Sculpt and Strenghten Your Core

Deadlifts will help sculpt and tighten up your entire core section, upper and lower abs, obliques

7. Increases Testosterone

For a man, testosterone is a very important hormone as it is responsible for most of their features. Doing deadlift is advisable for anyone who would like to increase their testosterone levels. Testosterone improves the growth of muscles and their repair.

8. Increases Growth Hormone

Any form of exercise, especially deadlifting, increases the levels of growth hormone in the blood. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and is responsible for tissue healing, muscle growth, strong bones and fat loss.

9. Keeps the Heart Healthy

Doing 10-20 repetitions of deadlifts in a single set will definitely increase your heartbeat. Deadlifts can be an alternative to aerobics as they work the same way to increase your cardiovascular ability.

10. Affordable

One of the reasons why people avoid signing up for a gym membership is because of how expensive it is. Instead of spending that much money to stay fit, simply buy yourself an Olympic bar and a few plates and you are good to go.

11. Strengthen Hamstrings and Butt

A note to all women: Do you want curvy legs and a sexy butt? Deadlifts will help you achieve this.  Squats and deadlifts are the two best compound exercises that will help strengthen and tone your entire body.

12. Prevents Potential Injuries

According to fitness experts, deadlifts may reduce the chances of one getting injuries affecting the tendons and ligaments. The reason behind this is that deadlifts enable you to develop strong muscles that support the joints.

14. Suitable for women

Women are always concerned about getting a male physique when working out. Unlike common belief, deadlifts do not distort one’s femininity, but improves on their physique.

15. Not just for athletes

I don’t consider myself a professional athlete although of people who don’t personally know me, think I am. So you don’t need to be a pro athlete to do any compound exercises – squats, deadlifts of bench press. Anybody can do them.

16. Slows down the aging process

Strength training exercises such as deadlifts and squats helps make your muscles firmer as well as and speeds up the metabolism and keeps the skin taut and strong.

17. Reduces Depression

Deadlifts help your body release feel-good hormones which are responsible for lifting the mood. After your workout, you will feel a lot happier and peaceful. This is the perfect way to deal with stress.

18. It’s Fun

If you would like to exercise with friends or family, this is the best exercise to do. You can challenge each other to do a number of deadlifts and have fun while at it.

19. More than one squat variations

There are several different squat variations that you can do based on your goals and experience.

20 Builds Stamina

Deadlifting is one type of exercise that challenges a person to go beyond their comfort zone. Apart from strengthening your core, you will also get lessons on stamina and discipline.

benefits of deadlifts

It is obvious that deadlifts are very beneficial to both men and women. However, apart from these 20 benefits of deadlifting, there are many more reasons why you should create your own deadlifting routine.

The good thing about it is that you can do it anytime and without supervision. Start doing your ten repetitions today and take advantage of these benefits!

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