Want to Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Increase Strength...While Enjoying Delicious Plant-Based Meals?

Discover how to build muscle and get ripped as a vegan

Finally a World Class Proven System For Transforming Your Body On a Plant Based Diet in 12 Weeks or Less

Get in the best shape of your life.

Don’t waste another year on a fad diet or ineffective training program. Transform yourself using the same techniques used by Vegan Athletes & Bodybuilders. You don't need meat to be strong!

Drop Fat And Build Muscle With My Ultimate Training And Nutrition Bundle

  • 12 Week Training Program Complete photo illustrations and demonstrations of the most effective muscle and fat loss exercises you need to gain muscle and get shredded.
  • Over 70 Delicious High Protein Vegan Recipes to help you fuel your workout and help you get ripped, toned, and muscular.
  • Custom Meal Plans With Calculated Macros
  • Cardio Strategy With Ab Training & More
  • Get 5 sample 2000 - 3500 calorie menus for fat loss, muscle gain and weight maintenance weight, while getting the nutrients you need to thrive!
  • Bonus Material Included to help you maximise your vegan gains!

Here’s What You Get Inside The Plant Based Bodybuilding System?


12 week progressive training program. Very easy to follow, concise training program that includes workout logs to visually track the amount of weight you lift, as well as number of reps and sets to complete.



Whether you are thinking of going vegan or you already are, this guide touches all the nutrient aspects of a whole-food plant-based diet. 

Some of the most commonly asked questions that vegans get asked is "Where do you get your protein from"? You will learn all the nutrient aspects of a plant-based diet to help you reach your muscle building and fat burning goals.  Don’t leave your progress to chance this year

meal plans


Tired of counting calories?

Overwhelmed with having to make nutrition decisions every couple of hours?

These meal plans have been strategically laid out using a SPECIAL formula that guarantees proper macronutrient circulation, anabolic refueling and busts through your energy threshold.These done-for-you meal plans remove all the guesswork and allow you to consume a variety of easy-to-make foods, all without having to count a single calorie.

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About Me

Hey, I'm Justin...Creator of the Plant Based Bodybuilding Program. When I transition to a plant based diet I had concerns such as:

  • How would I get enough protein?
  • Would I get enough nutrients?
  • Would I lose muscle and strength gains?
  • Is Veganism Sustainable?

After 4 years Vegan, I’m happy to announce that my plant based-eating experiment was a huge success! 

I have since competed with top athletes all around the world and am living proof that you can build muscle, strength and improve your health in amazing ways on a  plant based vegan diet.

My system works and is honestly the easiest & fastest way possible to the body of your dreams.